Sunday, October 16, 2022

Quilt Symposium - Wellington, New Zealand, 2022

What an amazing 8 days away at Quilt Symposium in Wellington, New Zealand.  I was so thrilled to be invited to teach at this event and boy did I love being back in the classroom teaching and also all the amazing inspiration I took from the trip.

Quilt Symposium was held in Lower Hutt, Wellington and completely run by an outstanding Quilt Group.  Seriously this was an event that hosted 1000 students and 40 Tutors and then there was everything that went into the behind the scenes and it was truly a remarkable job.


Over 4 days I taught 4 different classes.  In these classes I met some remarkable women from all over NZ and even a large number from AUS.  I really loved being able to share and show with these quilters all about my patterns and help them through making their chosen design.  Here are just a few of the pics I took of some of my students work.

Held also in conjunction with all the teaching classes were many Exhibitions of makers work in all sorts of categories and collections.  This was so inspiring to see some amazing artistry in the Quilts and I was left not only wanting to come home and have a big clear out of my studio and take a new look at my fabrics and way of putting quilts together but also just so amazed at the details and work in these quilts.

"Lockdown life" by Robyn Croft

"Stolen Moments" Kathy Doughty

"Going Going, Goin" by Debra De Lorenzo


Have you ever heard of the saying - "Work so hard the people you admire become your colleagues" - well this couldn't be more true.  I really enjoyed meeting and catching up with so many Australian and NZ teachers who all have such amazing talents of their own.  I learned a lot from these amazing and very inspiring teachers and women.

When I wasn't teaching I was making sure to get out and about and experience all that Wellington has to offer.  Such a beautiful city and just a few highlights below.

WOW - World of Wearable Arts Awards

The event is held only in Wellington and is a cross between an amazing Arts Costume Display and Cirque Du Soleil. It's only on for 2 weeks and happened to be on at the same time as I was there.  This show was truly amazing and I was able to nab myself a last minute ticket the night before in the back row.  And being in the back row, was no less thrilling.  This really was such a feast for the eyes and incredibly inspiring.  I encourage you to check out @wow for loads of pics and videos of the event.

I had the most amazing 8 days aways and can't wait to see more of the finished quilts from my students as they finish them over the coming weeks and months.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x 

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