Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well after months and months of planning the day has almost arrived.  I hope Santa is good to you and that the festive season is a safe and happy time for you all.  Let the drinks begin and the over eating commence!!

Sweet Christmas Party bags that I have filled with some special treasures for my girls for Christmas Eve.  Merry Christmas all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How did it get to the week before Christmas!

I know that I have been planning and making Christmas treasures for ages now but seriously - how did we get to the week before already!! 

I had a parcel of fabric arrive last week from Ballarat Patchwork.  They were having a sale so I treated myself to some fabrics and some books and Patterns. A girl can never have to much fabric (can she!!!).

I am especially keen to get started on one of the projects from Janelle Wind's Book - Pieces of Me.  I finally entered the world of the 21st Century and got an i-phone and so what do you need most importantly when you get one?  Yes of course you need a cover for it.  There is a beautiful cover in Janelle's book so I hope to show you next time some completed photos of my i-phone cover.

I also made some Aprons for my girls with some Amy Butler laminated fabric that I also bought.  My girls love art and crafting and mostly this involves lots of mess and paint so I wanted to make some Aprons that I could just wipe off.  I have not worked with laminated fabric before so I was a little unsure of things like when I normally iron the press hems - how do I do this with a plastic coated fabric?  And the fabric was folded so how do I get out the creases?  If anyone can help me out would love to know the secrets of working with this type of fabric.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Surprise !

Remember this parcel that I posted about a little while ago.  Well the special little girl whom I had made it for received it over the weekend.  So this was the surprise inside.

A Felt People set all with mix and match clothes and hair, with its own felt board to play with the people onto.  I stitched ribbons and buttons onto the clothes to add detail to the clothes - Happy Birthday Bella.

This was another custom order towel completed this week.  There has not been as much sewing going on this week as I would like between illness and Christmas Parties and Christmas school concerts it has been busy with the kids.  But I have been working on some new ideas that have been buzzing around in my head for a while now.  So lots of cutting, sewing, re-cutting, re-sewing and the like going on with mixed results so far.  Hopefully soon I will be happy with some samples.  This is one project in the works.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tutorial : How to make a Gingerbread Man Gift Tag

How to make a Gingerbread Man Gift Tag

Gingerbread Man Gift Tag

What you will need:

You will need :

White card
Ginger or brown felt
2 black brads
2 buttons
25cm ribbon
Ball point pen
Gingerbread man template
Hole punch

Step 1 - Find a cookie cutter or Gingerbread man picture to trace around onto card and cut out.

Step 2 -  Cut the white card to 7cm x 10 cm.  Trace the Gingerbread man template onto the felt using the pen.

Step 3 - Cut out the Gingerbread man using scissors.

Step 4 - Push through the Brads for eyes and glue on the buttons (these could be sewn on instead).

Step 5 - Mark the centre of one of the short sides for the ribbon and punch a hole in this spot.

Step 6 - Thread the ribbon through this hole to make a loop.

Step 7 - Glue your Gingerbread man into place on the front of your gift tag. Finished!

You could use other Christmas shapes such as trees, plum puddings or stockings to make other gift tags.

This tutorial is intended for personal use only!  Enjoy

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crafting with Kids

As many of you know my day job is as a High School Home Economics Teacher.  So introducing kids (and adults) to the world of all things fabric, buttons, ribbon, sewing etc is a huge passion of mine.  As part of the Joondalup Upmarket , Tied with Ribbon is running a FREE kids activity Table.  As you can see from the picture last Friday night we made Button Wreaths.  This week we will be making some Christmas cards with Buttons.  Come along and enjoy some Christmas craft for the kids and some shopping for the adults! 

Custom Order central here this week.  This Christmas Sack was made for a special little girl.  I was asked to leave the tree blank as Grandma will be sewing on some very special heirloom charms for Emilia that will be added to each Christmas.  A wonderful idea for a Christmas sack that will be treasured for many years to come. 

This towel was ordered to celebrate the arrival of a new nephew.  

Notebooks made to add to Christmas gifts for two young sisters. 

In this special box is a Birthday present I have made for an upcoming birthday for a little girl! Any guesses as to what I may have put inside?  I can't show you yet but soon.

And with Perth Upmarket on this Sunday at UWA - Winthrop Hall from 9am - this is what my sewing room looks like.  Lots of Christmas decorations and other goodies being counted and packed to take along.  I will be upstairs and make sure to check out the Market Guide which will have a special feature from me.  I will be posting this next week on my blog as my first Tutorial but get along to the market and have the first look.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sewing for my girls!

Late last week I had one of "those" days.  We all have them, nothing seemed to go right no matter how much I had planned and organised I just seem to have hit a wall.  So what should one do - well 12 months ago "these" kind of days would have resulted in a huge shopping spree with wonderful new treasures and some explaining to do to the hubby due to the over expenditure.  Well instead I decided just to do some sewing for me or rather for my girls.  Things have been so busy at Tied with a Ribbon that I decided to make some pencil cases for my girls for school next year. 

Inspired after catching up with some friends for dinner I took my Babushkas and Cupcakes and some scraps and made these pencil cases!  My girls were thrilled that they had some special new treats.

My Custom order for Hair clip Hangers with a Pinkaliscous theme are now all finished and ready to be delivered to their new home.

And these cuties I have listed in my Etsy Shop.

I have had more Custom orders for Christmas Sacks this week and this one will soon be ready for Santa to fill with only 5 weeks to wait for a special little girl.

Starting on Friday Night Tied with a Ribbon will be attending the Joondalup Upmarket.  We will be having a FREE kids craft activity table running with different craft activities organised for each of the five weeks.  Felt Kits and Patterns will also be available for sale so you can make some Christmas Decorations of your very own along with inspiring kids to learn some new crafty skills.  - Starting from 6pm in the Central Walk, Joondalup (19th November - 17th December) 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lots Completed

Completed - Plum Puddings all ready for Market.

Completed - Custom Order Towel for a new arrival.

Started - An order for lots of Pink Hair clip Hangers.

Finished - Custom ordered Hair clip Hangers with names stitched into them.

Although there are lots of ticks in the completed boxes this week, I have lots of projects still on the go.  I love making custom orders!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Postman has been busy!

This week the postman has made several special trips to my house to deliver some exciting packages.
Firstly these absolutely gorgeous buttons arrived from this Etsy shop - Buttons by Robin 
Aren't these cute - I have a project in mind for these along the lines of the picture on the button - can you think what I might make?  The buttons in this shop are just so sweet to finish off special projects.

Also my Divine Twine arrived - this will be used to wrap some Christmas presents as well as many other parcels.
Along with "baking" Gingerbread men I have also been making Plum Puddings.  There are some ready made or Felt Kits available in my Etsy shop.

On Sunday I went to the Subiaco Craft and Community Fair.  It was a hot day and wonderful to meet lots of new people.  Here is my stand all set up for the day.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Freshly made Gingerbread men for sale

These cuties have now been finished and there are some now available in my  Etsy shop .  So if you are "hungry" to get your hands on these pop over and have a look.

Other wise also avaliable in my shop are the felt kits to make these Gingerbread men for yourself.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm "baking" Gingerbread

Today I'm "Baking" Gingerbread men !

All this making is making me hungry!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Whilst anyway having read my last few posts may know I have been watching Gossip Girl and now have finished Season Three.  With no more available yet her in Aus - what is a girl to do!!

Well in true GG lingo Spotted - Tied with a Ribbon over at the fabulous A Spoonful of Sugar.  The talented mum and daughter duo - Lisa and Sarah have posted a wonderful feature on my work. 

Thank you to you both for your kind words and support.  It is amazing how small our world is and Blog land is no exception.  I have been watching the work these women do and it is nothing short of amazing. 

Also a big Thank you to all those who left such nice and warm comments on the Post on Tied with a Ribbon.   And for those who live locally I do hope you will come and say hello on Sunday at the Subiaco Craft and Community Fair between 9am and 4pm at UWA on the Oak Lawn.

This Custom order Christmas Sack has been sent off to its new owner ready for Santa to fill to the brim.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Parcel Recieved

You may remember from my last post this parcel.  Well just look where it has found a new home Giggleberry Creations.  The very wonderful Amy of Giggleberry has featured Tied with a Ribbon and my new Hairclip Hangers.  Go and check out her blog and all the fabulous bunting that she makes.  Thanks again Amy for your post on my creations.

Source : Giggleberry Creations

Amy has been planning her daughters Birthday Party and those who know me well would know how I love to plan a themed party.  The Rainbow theme is so sweet and Amy has lots of ideas on how to pull it off in style. 

Along with the Hairclip Hanger went some cute clips that I made for Milla.

There was also a new arrival this week and so that means that I can show you the finished custom cushion for baby Sasha.

You may remember the colours from a sneak peak a few weeks ago!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A busy week of catch up

After all the time off, this week has been a busy week of trying to make my list of "To Do's" into "Dones"!  What started off as a very long list and a frantic panic on my behalf  has slowly been whittled away.  So often I know exactly what is to be finished off in my head and so I start making my way through it only to be side tracked by other projects along the way - usually of the making and sewing variety rather than off the paper work completing.  So after some helpful advice by Justine (thanks Justine!) I have been crossing off items on my written list. 

Last post I showed you a sneak at what I have been creating and yes I have had rainbows on my mind.  Introducing my new Hairclip Hangers.

These Hairclip Hangers have just been listed in my Etsy Shop.  These Hairclip Hangers are a great way to tidy up all those draws and boxes of clips and ribbons onto one cute neat and tidy accessory.  You can keep all your pairs of clips together down the sides and ribbons tie onto the centre sewn ribbon. These would make sweet gifts for young girls for presents or with Christmas just around the corner. 

Also just listed in my Etsy Shop are Plum Pudding Felt Kits

With Christmas just around the corner there is still plenty of time to make these to decorate and trim your tree this year.

I have also been working on some other orders this week.  One custom order was for a Halloween twist on my Party Bags.  So with some not too scary ghosts and the request for velvet some children will have an extra sweet surprise this Halloween.

And this special package has been posted with more to come once it is received at its new home !!!!

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