Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A week of BIG progress and a Birthday Party!

When I decide to start my little business there were many things I wanted to achieve. Well today I made a rather big step forward as the first of my range of Patterns went to the Printer. I have been working on these since Christmas - Devising, making, sewing, re-sewing, writing pattern instructions, pattern testing, having the patterns tested by others and now finally they will soon be ready to package. My sneak peak from last week is my Boy cushion.

We celebrated my little (well not so little anymore!) girls 6th birthday last weekend and by the cake around many of the kids mouths it seemed a roaring success. If you remember all that Dougnut Fabric here is what they looked liked - Party Bags for all the kids - and even a few big kids (Yes you all know who you are!!!!).

Italic I hope you have a wonderful Easter and that the Easter Bunny is very kind to you all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Special Orders

I have been kept busy this week with many special custom orders. I love making items for people with specific uses or colours or to suit a particular need. This A4 size notebook was for a customer who needed it to fit her work folder and so my regular sized Notebook Keeper got up sized to fit. I like working all the measurements and recalculating to create a new product all together and I hope that its new owner becomes the envy of the Boardroom.

All the little bunnies have found new homes and I have been sewing and writing instructions for a couple of patterns I hope to release soon. Here is a sneak peak at one of the projects.

As I am new Blogging I have been reading all about "Blog Etiquette" and would love to know if anyone has some useful posts or sites they have visited that would help me to grow and develop this little blog of mine.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easter Stitching

With Easter just around the corner I have been busy stitching and creating Easter Treats of the non-fattening variety. With many little ones that we give to at Easter time, chocolate seems to be in abundance so I like to give gifts that last a little longer. Lots of felt bunnies have been waiting to be made.

I have been working on a few special orders in the theme of "Easter Hat Parades". I can remember as a kid all the time spent preparing and creating such hats with my brothers and sisters and it delights me that the tradition still stands.

It is also my younger daughters birthday next week so I have been sewing Party Bags. The fabric with the doughnuts on it was just calling to made into lolly bags for the kids to take home. It looks just delicious.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sew the time has come! For a while now I have wanted to have my own special piece of something I have created. Yes I am a mum to two beautiful girls, and a wife. I work partime in the career I went to university to study and take much pride in my home. My family and friends play a huge part in my life - so with all of this to keep me busy how could I want more. Well my love of sewing and stiching has driven a desire to create a new path in life to travel down. What started out as making gifts for friends and family has turned into my new business venture - Tied with a Ribbon. I have been busy creating items such as Notebook Keepers, Aprons, Needlebooks, Book Bags, Softies and Cushions covers to name a few. I will soon have some of these available to buy aswell as patterns and kits to purchase on Etsy. So in the coming months I look forward to the challenges of setting up my own little business and all that it brings as it develops. My two girls have been my best customers so far often playing shops in my sewing room and being very honest in which items they like the most. After having read blogs for a while now I can't believe I have my own.
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