Saturday, April 25, 2015


EDIT - All places have now been filled.  

I have been admiring for a long time beautiful Fussy Cut character quilts.  My collection however is rather lacking and I think it takes a long time to build up such a beautiful collection of different characters, animals, children, flowers etc.  So I decided what about a swap?

The photos above are from @queenbeefabrics and @quiltstory

About the #Cutefussycutswap

The idea is to put together 20 - 5in squares with Fussy Cut characters in the centre from your own stash (can be an assortment of 20 different prints or from just a smaller selection of 3 or 4 prints - as long as the character's are in the centre).
The idea of them being in the centre is so that people can then cut them down to the size they require or that the characters are large enough to just put a 1/4in seam allowance around the 5in square and sew up.

Think animals, characters, people, children, plants, flowers, umbrella's, houses, cakes, food, fairy tale characters, bikes, whimsical pictures.  See the photos above for ideas of what we are after and sizes.

How it works

You mail your envelope with your Fussy Cuts to me (here in Aus).  Once they all arrive I will then jumble them up all up and send you back a selection of 20 - 5in fussy cuts from all the stashes from everyone - which should give you a great variety of prints.

For those in Australia - you would need to include a self-addressed, stamped A5 envelope for me to send them back to you in.  20 pieces will keep the postage down and will cost you the same amount to send back as you posted them for.

For those abroad - you would need to include a self-addressed A5 envelope for me to send them back to you in.  I would need your paypal address so that I can arrange the cost of posting them back to you which should just be "Letter Rate" for this envelope.  Of course only the cost of the postage will be charged. 

I am doing this just as fun way to increase your Cute Fussy Cuts and therefore can't track parcels once they leave me.

#Cutefussycutswap - join in the hash tag as you go so that we can see what you are putting together.  

It will be great fun to receive back a collection of Cute Fussy cut fabrics that originate from all over the world to grow your stash without having to send individual parcels all over the world.

Sign Up

Interested???  Email me - Jemima at  
Subject line - Cutefussycut Swap

Let me know your Name, IG name and address details and any Fussy Cuts prints you think you will be sending (so I can get an idea of what there will be to swap)

Sign ups will be open from now till I reach 50 people interested (or April 28th - the next two days - which ever ends first).  From there I will send out a group email with the details you will need to post your Cute Fussy Cut fabrics and details of dates etc.

Jemima x x 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood Custom Quilt - all finished!

I love the feeling of sending off a Custom order Quilt to be loved in its new home.  This Little Red Riding Hood has made it to its new home and is patiently awaiting baby's arrival.

This Little Red Riding Hood fabric was perfect for fussy cutting and I had just the right red and white stripe in my stash for this quilt.

And even a Cot Pillow to match!

All sewn and machine quilted in my favourite Aurifil 50wt - #2021.  Just simple lines were quilted to echo the triangle shapes throughout the quilt.

Jemima x 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

30's Minis and English Paper Piecing - Oh My!

I have long loved 1930's Reproduction Prints - I love the delicate and sweet pictures, florals and prints that define this genre of fabric.  This new Range is called "30's Minis" by Erin Turner for Penny Rose Fabrics distributed in Australia by Millhouse Collections and available in May.

There is a great variety of bold colours, pretty florals and geometric prints all on the Mini side making them ever so tiny and sweet.

Designing with this fabric range has been a delight and finding it hard to settle on one new design project for this range - I decided Why not have all three! So I am busily sewing three projects to feature three different techniques.

These prints are just coming up a treat so far with these different projects and I love how the colours play so well together with the large selection of prints in this range.  If you are a Reproduction fabric lover then this range won't disappoint.

One of the techniques in the project is an English Paper Piecing Project. Sue Daley of Patchwork with Busy Fingers has an amazing range for those who love English Paper Piecing (EPP).  Her range includes items such as Threads, Needles, Glue Pens, Rotating Cut Mats, Sandpaper Boards and then her Papers come in precut packs with an Acrylic Template for cutting and marking.  And lets just say I can not wait to get into the Playing with Paper pack - everything I need to create the beautiful block all in the kit.

The papers are nice and firm and being able to cut out the fabric with the Acrylic templates to match means that all the guess work is taken out and I can cut multiple pieces of fabric for my Hexagons or other EPP projects at the same time.  And I am a a Glue Pen convert - although I do like basting Hexagons for this project being able to glue them has made quick work of all the basting.

Using the Pre cut Hexagon Papers and Templates I have been creating a variety of Flowers for my 30's Minis project.  Can't wait to share more with you as I go.  

Jemima x 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood Custom Quilt

It is such a joy being commissioned to make a Custom Quilt for a new baby on the way.  I love the excitement surrounding the new arrival and how all the details - even down to the quilt all matter so much for this precious impending arrival.

This Custom Order Quilt is no exception.  Little Red Riding Hood was the theme and with fabrics chosen I set about sewing.

Fabric range is Little Red Riding Hood by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake Fabrics with other fabrics also from my stash.

Jemima x 

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