Thursday, December 18, 2014

Custom Order Quilt complete

Finishing up the year with a custom Quilt seems just right.  It was gifted to the clients dear friend for a special birthday gift. The Coral and Aqua fabrics have all come from my stash.

And how could I go past this binding - "A Day in the Country" - do amazing stripes - always perfect for binding.

In-between finishing up orders, working on publication and media commissions and sewing Santa Sacks I have been working on two projects that I had started earlier this year.

I have been wanting to get back to my crochet Granny Square Bobble Blanket for ages and having finished up other projects I was working on (namely Green Tea and Sweet Beans) I have put it at the top of my list and I now have some nice little piles of Granny Squares.  Now to just sew in the ends before it all becomes too much at the end.  I prefer to sew in the ends as I go - how about you?

Also back to working on my Tula Pink Hexes - I decided to turn these Parisville Kits into Grandmothers Flower Gardens. Look I am not going to kid myself - English Paper Piecing takes time so this make take another whole year to complete the design I have in mind.  I love English Paper Piecing as I take it along with me for the times I have to wait - like while the girls have Swimming Squad, or waiting at doctors appointments or for when we travel long distances in the car.

70 Grandmothers Flower Garden Hexes all finished

In the kits also came with the Aurifil thread - both perfectly matched colours for basting and sewing together - #4060 (Silver Moon) and #4660 (Pink Taffy)  The 50wt is just perfect for sewing them together.  

Jemima x x

Monday, December 8, 2014

Custom Order Quilt and some sewing and crocheting for fun!

I love making Custom Order quilts - I love that someone entrusts me enough to make such a handmade treasure for someone special in their life.  This beauty is no exception.  After getting an idea of what the client is after in regard to colours and design I work up a design plan as to quilts that fit the brief and would work well for the purpose the quilt will be intended for.  I was given a lot of freedom and trust by this client whom will be gifting this to one very dear friend.

The colour brief was Corals and Aquas with white and then we selected this design to showcase the best of these fabrics which were from my stash.  It is very fresh and modern just as asked for.

And BIG - big enough to be used on a queen size bed!

In between some making this custom quilt I have been busily revamping my Logo and am in the process of working on a new website (stay tuned) and all new Pattern covers.  This is my new Logo - it is a revamp of my older one as through the process of looking at changing it I really did discover that I still loved it and it still represents what I am but I thought it could just do with a few new tweaks.

And now that I have finished my Green Tea and Sweet Beans Quilt - I have been able to get my head around starting something new.  So why not Gypsy Wife by Jen Kingwell.  This time I have decided to make it from Liberty fabrics in shades of Blue, Aqua, Pink and Reds.  These are the fabrics I have pulled from my 
Liberty stash which I am going to team with Linen fabrics.

Jemima x 
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