Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sunday Stitching

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.  Every few months there is a group of girls who gather to craft.  It was my turn to host this time and there were many different projects on the go.  There was knitting
There was some fabrics that were being turned into cushions

And a couple of the girls were stitching Tied with a Ribbon Felt Kits.

And this is the start of Gingerbread Men

And I was making a sewing machine cover for my mum.  However with all the hosting duties and excitement of the day I forgot to take a picture of it.  So I will go to my mum's today and do this so I can show you all next week. 

Even though there was lots of chatting and plenty of cups of coffee everyone finished what they came to complete - surprising !!!

One beanie

One bunny.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Giveaway winner

Many posts ago I said I would show you my progress at my Christmas range.  Well today this order of Christmas Sacks was collected by a special customer. They are large personalised Christmas Sacks, each has a different Christmas character on them.  Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year so to be getting in early just means I can enjoy the season all that much longer.
These felt cut out people have been another custom order now completed.  I really enjoy custom orders as makes me have to think outside of my comfort zone.  These felt people with mix and match clothing will be going into a classroom for some young kids.  I hope they enjoy playing with them as much as I liked making them.

And now for the winner of the Notebook Keeper Giveaway.  Thanks to you all for leaving such kind and encouraging comments.  Most people said they had looked over at my Etsy shop so thank you for your support.

The winner is -  katiemorgan1976
True Random Number ServiceRandom Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2010-07-22 02:06:07 UTC

Congratulations Katie, I will get your prize to you.  

Will be back next time with some progress on personal projects.  I am hosting the bi-monthly Stitching Day at my house with a growing group of girls this weekend.  I love these days as they are a great chance to get to some of the things in my own sewing basket and a great day for sharing ideas and tips.  Plus the food is always good too. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A clean room - finally and a GIVEAWAY!

Well at least now I can work in my sewing room!  While the amount of sewing still is no where near optimum, I can now see the floor and have space to work.  I like to be organised as those who know me could well say so.  Being in a state of chaos just causes me angst. 

I have worked on some little projects this week  like this custom order brooch.
And this special quilt is now finished.  If you have read my earlier posts then you may recognise this quilt that was under my sewing machine at the time.  This quilt belongs to my friend Katrina.  I hope she likes it.  It has been a well travelled quilt as once I finished hand sewing a set of blocks I would send them to her in the mail (all the way over to America).  When she came home last Christmas a large pile of squares was given back to me, to be all sewn up into this Chelsea Bloom Quilt. 

Last post I said how it was my goal for the week to get my little online shop "Online".  Well I did in the end achieve this.  I have set up an Etsy shop - there is a link on the side bar.  I have listed a small number of items at this stage and as the weeks go on I will continue to add new items in my shop.  Go and have a look at .

To celebrate this big milestone I am having my first Giveaway. 

 If you would like to win this Notebook Keeper sewn by me:

1. To enter leave a comment on this post (one comment only please).
2. Leave a comment before Wednesday 21st July and I will announce the winner in my next post.
3. I will post anywhere so if you live internationally you may also enter.
4. I will use the random number generator to pick a winning comment number.

EDIT - Giveaway is now closed

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not much sewing going on around here!

Well since the Upmarket I have battled.  Battled to get on top of this flu, battled to find the bottom of the ironing basket and battled to get anywhere near my sewing machine or sewing of any kind.

I have spent much of the week sorting, rearranging, tidying up, and doing bookwork.  My sewing room was in desperate need of an over haul and this mess has had a makeover after several trips to Ikea

I have such grand plans for all the sewing I would like to get done but I feel a little defeated at the moment.

There has been some sewing with this Christmas tree decoration getting finished.  I have had the plans in my head for a while. With many orders to complete I am going to have to get a move on. 

Another thing that has taken alot of my time is looking into Online options for my shop.  I have been researching all the different ways to sell online and with many to choose its hard to decide.  I think I will go down the Etsy line.  I have set up the shop and profile,  now all I need to do is to fill it with items so hopefully by my next post I will have some great opening news for my online shop. 
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