Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well after months and months of planning the day has almost arrived.  I hope Santa is good to you and that the festive season is a safe and happy time for you all.  Let the drinks begin and the over eating commence!!

Sweet Christmas Party bags that I have filled with some special treasures for my girls for Christmas Eve.  Merry Christmas all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How did it get to the week before Christmas!

I know that I have been planning and making Christmas treasures for ages now but seriously - how did we get to the week before already!! 

I had a parcel of fabric arrive last week from Ballarat Patchwork.  They were having a sale so I treated myself to some fabrics and some books and Patterns. A girl can never have to much fabric (can she!!!).

I am especially keen to get started on one of the projects from Janelle Wind's Book - Pieces of Me.  I finally entered the world of the 21st Century and got an i-phone and so what do you need most importantly when you get one?  Yes of course you need a cover for it.  There is a beautiful cover in Janelle's book so I hope to show you next time some completed photos of my i-phone cover.

I also made some Aprons for my girls with some Amy Butler laminated fabric that I also bought.  My girls love art and crafting and mostly this involves lots of mess and paint so I wanted to make some Aprons that I could just wipe off.  I have not worked with laminated fabric before so I was a little unsure of things like when I normally iron the press hems - how do I do this with a plastic coated fabric?  And the fabric was folded so how do I get out the creases?  If anyone can help me out would love to know the secrets of working with this type of fabric.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Surprise !

Remember this parcel that I posted about a little while ago.  Well the special little girl whom I had made it for received it over the weekend.  So this was the surprise inside.

A Felt People set all with mix and match clothes and hair, with its own felt board to play with the people onto.  I stitched ribbons and buttons onto the clothes to add detail to the clothes - Happy Birthday Bella.

This was another custom order towel completed this week.  There has not been as much sewing going on this week as I would like between illness and Christmas Parties and Christmas school concerts it has been busy with the kids.  But I have been working on some new ideas that have been buzzing around in my head for a while now.  So lots of cutting, sewing, re-cutting, re-sewing and the like going on with mixed results so far.  Hopefully soon I will be happy with some samples.  This is one project in the works.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tutorial : How to make a Gingerbread Man Gift Tag

How to make a Gingerbread Man Gift Tag

Gingerbread Man Gift Tag

What you will need:

You will need :

White card
Ginger or brown felt
2 black brads
2 buttons
25cm ribbon
Ball point pen
Gingerbread man template
Hole punch

Step 1 - Find a cookie cutter or Gingerbread man picture to trace around onto card and cut out.

Step 2 -  Cut the white card to 7cm x 10 cm.  Trace the Gingerbread man template onto the felt using the pen.

Step 3 - Cut out the Gingerbread man using scissors.

Step 4 - Push through the Brads for eyes and glue on the buttons (these could be sewn on instead).

Step 5 - Mark the centre of one of the short sides for the ribbon and punch a hole in this spot.

Step 6 - Thread the ribbon through this hole to make a loop.

Step 7 - Glue your Gingerbread man into place on the front of your gift tag. Finished!

You could use other Christmas shapes such as trees, plum puddings or stockings to make other gift tags.

This tutorial is intended for personal use only!  Enjoy
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