Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The easiest way to choose fabric for a quilt

Here is my tip for the easiest way to choose fabric for a quilt.  This will really help grow your colour confidence.

Choosing fabric for a quilt can be a daunting task. This tutorial will show you how to choose fabric for a quilt easily and in no time at all!

Quilts can take a long time to make but we do it because we love it, right? No matter how much you love something though, nobody wants to spend hours making a quilt only to find the colours and patterns of the fabrics you chose don’t quite work together. It can be very disappointing!


Curating a collection of fabric with colours and prints that work together doesn’t have to be a difficult or time consuming task if you follow these simple steps.


Step 1 - Choose your Backing fabric first and use this as your inspiration fabric. You can see here in this pic above that I started with this gorgeous Art Gallery Floral Print for my backing fabric.  It contains lots of beautiful colours that I know will work well for the fabrics for the quilt top.


Step 2 - Then from your stash or at your LQS use the colours within the print to choose the fabrics for the Quilt top.  You will also find along the selvedge of most prints a colour guide (these can be circles or little motifs that show each colour used in the fabric)


Step 3 - You can see here how I chose this gorgeous floral print first. Then I worked to pull matching colours found in the design of the leaves and flowers. With the beautiful design, the colour palette is done for you so it makes it much easier to choose fabrics for your quilt with an idea of what already works together.

You can also see here in this Reel the process.


This technique works both at home and in-store. The good thing is that it’s fast, which means if you’re strapped for time you can duck out to your favourite quilt shop and be home again cutting up fabric before you know it.


If you’re online shopping it may be hard to make sure the colours of the fabrics are right for each other. One way to get around this is by sticking with one fabric designer and working across collections.

Check out these patterns that I have designed using this exact process.

Happy Quilting

Jemima x 

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