Monday, January 27, 2020

Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Along - Week 3

This week marks the halfway point in the Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Along.  So far, we have chosen our fabrics, cut them out, constructed our Half Square Triangles and this week we are sewing all the Quilt top pieces (background and popsicle) together.

Week 3 
Now that you have completed your HST's you will be able to start constructing the Quilt top. Each of your pieces should be labelled and this will make the process much easier as you work through sewing the pieces together.  If you have sewn all your Popsicle together this too, will make it quicker.

Post your pics from the weeks prompts on Instagram to - #rainbowpopsicleqal#rainbowpopsiclequilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.  It also helps to tag me - @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post.

This is an exciting week as you see your quilt really take shape and see how quickly it all comes together.

Pins Matter
When it comes to pinning - yes I really do believe that the type of Pins you use matter and can make a big difference to your sewing.  I have taught many students over the years and a simple way to make a big difference in how you pin, is to use good quality, fine pins designed for Patchwork.  Big, bulky, thick pins will make things harder to line up - they disturb the fabric more when pinned through your fabrics and sometimes they can snag your fabric if they are rusted or have burs along them.  

Fine Pins for Patchwork are a worthwhile notion to have in your Quilting Toolbox - I like to use Clover Fine Patchwork Pins (as pictured below and this isn't a sponsored add - just my personal opinion).  They are sharp, nice and fine and are perfect for use when quilting.

 Blog Post.
 I have written all about my best tips to help you out.

Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Inspiration


This week we have 2 AMAZING prizes up for grabs.

An AU$50 store voucher from Fabric Pixie

A US$25 store voucher from Pink Door Fabrics

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Along - Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Along.  It has been really great to see all the fabric pulls that people have done and the colour combos look so great.

If you are wanting to join in - it's not too late at all (you can join in at any point).  To participate all you need to join in is

2. Sign up for the weekly Rainbow Popsicle Newsletter here

3. Post your pics from the weeks prompts on Instagram to - #rainbowpopsicleqal#rainbowpopsiclequilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.  It also helps to tag me - @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post.

All the details can be found here at this Blog Post for what you will need to get started.

So this weeks task is all about making your Half Square Triangles or HST's as they are more commonly know as and constructing your Popsicle.

Half Square Triangles are the starting point for many designs.  There are a LARGE number of ways to make them - you only have to google them to find lots of different Methods.

When making HST I prefer to make larger blocks then trim them down to size using Bloc-Loc Half Square Triangle Square Up Rulers.  While some quilters may see this an an extra step, I believe that taking the tine to do this actually saves time and frustration down the track.  The points in your blocks will match up better and ensure your finished project looks better.

I have also found that when Half Square Triangles are made to size, you often have to deal with bias stretch, which can distort the points when pressing and involve unpicking and sewing scant seams to make things fit.  

Here is an excerpt from my book Weekend Quilting on the Chapter for making Half Square Triangles along with some tips for Chain piecing.

BLOC LOC RULERS - I am in no way associated with Bloc Loc - this is just the ruler I love to use for trimming HST's.  You can find more about why I love them here in their Blog Post on my Top 5 Tools.  They are readily available from Local and online retailers worldwide. 


This week we have 2 AMAZING prizes up for grabs.

Shari is also offering a 15% Storewide discount with code - RAINBOW
Note: All international shipping will be responsible for custom fees that may occur in their country. Flat rate does not apply to international orders.

a $75 Store voucher at Sew Mondo 

Happy Quilting
Jemima x 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Along - Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Along.  I am really excited you have decided to join in and make your very own Rainbow Popsicle Quilt.  This Quilt Along is designed to be casual and relaxed so that you can have heaps of fun, meet new quilty friends and be inspired by all the #rainbowpopsiclequilt that will be made during the Quilt Along.  There are prizes up for grabs each week from some amazing Sponsors and I will be here to give tips, tricks or helpful details for you to successfully finish your Rainbow Popsicle Quilt.

If you are wanting to join in - it's not too late at all (you can join in at any point).  To participate all you need to join in is

2. Sign up for the weekly Rainbow Popsicle Newsletter here

3. Post your pics from the weeks prompts on Instagram to - #rainbowpopsicleqal#rainbowpopsiclequilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.  It also helps to tag me - @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post.

All the details can be found here at this Blog Post for what you will need to get started.

Week 1 - Selecting your Fabric
This weeks task is all about selecting and choosing the fabric you would like to make your Quilt from as well as getting it all cut out. Post a pic to Instagram, using the above hash tags of your fabric pull, quilt planning or cutting to show us what you will be making your Rainbow Popsicle Quilt from and to be in the running for this weeks prizes. (NOTE - do not post full colouring pages PLEASE!)

This is where the sky is the limit - whether you choose Solids or Prints this quilt works.  You can grab fabrics from your stash or use a collection.  

If you are looking for inspiration for fabrics then head to the #rainbowpopsiclequilt hash tag.  There you will see lots of different fabrics that have been used so far to make Rainbow Popsicle Quilts.

Solids work so well for this Quilt and the choices of different Fabric Company Solids  is huge.  I have included in the pattern the names of the Kona Solids I used but you can pick any colour scheme you like for this.  One way to do this is head over to Pinterest and search Colour Palettes - this gives you lots of boards with a selection of colours already that co-ordinate and work well together.  From here you can pick and choose solids for any colour palette you like.

For this quilt - multi directional prints work best and are easiest - You can use small scale prints that really give the cohesive look. Or large scale prints like big florals are also fabulous as these really stand out.

Directional Prints - you can certainly use directional prints so if you are wanting to match directional fabrics then you will just need to allow for extra fabric when you purchase. 

The following stores (who are all Sponsors) have Kits for the Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Available if you are looking for some ready made options:

Colouring In Page
Included in the pattern is a Colouring Page - simply print out or copy this page from your pattern and grab your colouring in pencils.  This is designed to help you plan out and play with the colours and fabrics until you have a colour palette you are happy with.  

Other tools that may be helpful in planning out your colour palette might be colour cards of swatch samples.

Cutting Tags 
Included in your pattern are Cutting Tags.  These are designed to assist you keep everything all sorted once you decide which fabrics will be which and then to make sure you cut the correct number as you work.

This week we have 2 prizes up for grabs from our Sponsors

So to be eligible for this weeks prizes - make sure to post your pics of your Fabric Pull, Fabric Planning or Cutting on Instagram to - #rainbowpopsicleqal#rainbowpopsiclequilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.

I hope you enjoy making your Rainbow Popsicle Quilt with us.
Happy Quilting 
Jemima x 

Friday, January 3, 2020

Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Along

Back in December I was so excited to release this Quilt pattern - Rainbow Popsicle Quilt.  So after such an amazing response it was easy to choose this for the next Sew Along.

Starting January 13th we will be kicking off the #rainbowpopsicleqal

The Rainbow Popsicle Quilt comes in two sizes - the Lap Size at 60.5in x 63.5in (154cm x 161) and the Mini Quilt size 14in x 15.5in (36cm x 40cm).  Included in the pattern is a Colouring Page to help you work out your colour placement, as well as Cutting Tags to keep track of your fabrics as you cut them. 

*For the Quilt Along only those making the Lap sized Quilt will be eligible for Prizes in the Final week.

The #rainbowpopsicleqal will be held over 5 weeks - this gives you plenty of time to get yourself all organised before hand and has that causal approach to the timing so that it is not overwhelming for anyone.  I will be hosting it over on Instagram using the #rainbowpopsicleqal#rainbowpopsiclequilt and #tiedwithraibbonpatterns hashtags.  There will be prizes from some fantastic sponsors, Newsletters each week with information about each weeks' task, along with tips and tricks to help you make your #rainbowpopsiclequilt.
So no matter where in the world you are you can Sew Along with us. 


Dates - January 11th - February 10th

Duration - 5 weeks


Get a copy of the Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Pattern 

Sign up for the Newsletter

Follow me @tiedwitharibbon and post your progress pics to #rainbowpopsicleqal, #rainbowposiclequilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.  You must use all the Hashtags to be eligible.


There is an amazing Line up of Sponsors who will be offering prizes.  So no matter which size you are making you can still be in the running. 

Sarah Ashford Studio - 3 Pouches

My Fabricology - 1 x F8th Bundle Good Vibes Only Fabric

Sew Mondo - $75 AU Store Voucher

Doohikey Designs - Rainbow Custom Made Binding Baby
15% off entire order using code: RAINBOW. The code will be available starting now and until the quilt along ends.
Note: All international shipping will be responsible for custom fees that may occur in their country. Flat rate does not apply to international orders.

Fabric Pixie - AU$50 Gift Certificate

Pink Door Fabrics - US$25 Gift Certificate

Ava and Neve - F8th Bundle Rainbow Coloured Liberty Fabrics

Fabric Stork - Fat 1/4 Bundle Earthen by Katarina Rocella

Troll Brothers Quilt Designs - $100 CA Store Voucher

The Quilting Cottage - Quilting offers and Discounts on Long Arm Quilting Services.

I told you there were so many awesome prizes.  The Rainbow Popsicle Quilt is suitable for Patterned prints just as much as Solids.  You can check out the #rainbowpopsiclequilt hash tag for lots of inspiration already from quilts already made.  

Make sure you are signed up to the Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Newsletter.  Several stores also have Kits for the Rainbow Popsicle Quilt in a variety of different patterns so make sure you get this Newsletter.

So get excited and start to gather your supplies.
The #rainbowpopsicleqal is not to be missed.

Jemima x x

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Pattern Release

Introducing my latest pattern release - the Rainbow Popsicle Quilt.  This design is so big, so bright and so bold that this quilt will become a firm favourite for those it is made for.

Inspired by all the best things of summer - the Rainbow Popsicle Quilt originally was featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting (Images courtesy of Love Patchwork and Quilting) but now is out for you to get your hands on.

The Pattern includes two sizes - the Lap size - 60.5in x 63.5in (154cm x 161cm) and a Mini Quilt at 14in x 15.5in (36cm x 40cm).  Also included is a Colouring Sheet so that you can design and see what colours you might like to use as well as Cutting Tags that come in very handy when you are cutting out your Quilt to keep all your pieces organized.

The Rainbow Popsicle Quilt will be loved by kids of all ages and not only can you use Solid fabrics but this works up a treat in your favourite Prints as well.

Peek-a-boo! Ice-Scream you!

Seriously fun and fast to make, you will have your very own sweet #rainbowpopsiclequilt whipped up in no time.

Don't you just love it when your nails match your Quilt - well okay - so I had them done like that on purpose and they are just the cutest. Cute pics were taken by @felicitystylesphotography and Nails by @acetone_addicts

I had some absolutely amazing Pattern Testers work on their own versions of the #rainbowpopsiclequilt.  I just love how one pattern can look so very different just with different choices of fabrics and colours.  Check out these spectacular versions below. You can check out even more at the #rainbowpopsiclequilt hash tag. A massive thank you to all my pattern testers.

I hope that you love making your own versions of the #rainbowpopsiclequilt as much as I enjoyed designing this fun treat for you all.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x 

Friday, November 22, 2019

Mini Master Pieces Book Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Mini Master Pieces Book Tour.  Written by Alyce Blyth of @blossonheartquilts for Lucky Spool this book has all the Blocks you will need to master in your Quilting.

Mini Masters Pieces by Alyce features 12 Blocks along with all the construction know how and then each of the Blocks has a great Mini Quilt or Project to make from your skills in that Block Technique.

The chapters each look at in depth a different Block technique with step by step instructions, photos and extra helpful tips along the way.

I was assigned the Half Rectangle Triangles (HRTs) Chapter and I have to admit to only having once before, many moons ago having made these blocks.  So it was the perfect Chapter for me to get to brush up on my skills in learning some more tips and technique to get these HRTs spot on.

And thanks to this Chapter I have learned that making Half Rectangles are not as tricky as I thought and I would be so much more confidant to tackle them in future projects.

Make sure you check this Book out and add it to your Quilting Library.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Conquer the Curve - my best tips for sewing curves!

When it comes to Quilting - it seems that sewing curves strikes fear into the hearts of many Quilters.  

Drunkards Paths and Curved Piecing offer beautiful designs and great ways to get some more technique under your belt.  Don't be afraid to give these a go - while they may be a bit intimidating, like most things in Quilting if you want to get better then knowing some helpful tips and a bit of practise will have you on the right path in no time.

So I have put together some of my best Tips to help you conquer the curve.

If the pattern you are using has a matching Template set, get you hands on one or find one that suits the size of your Project.  These are a good investment with curved projects.  They make cutting so much more accurate than tracing out and cutting the shapes individually.   Along with being so much quicker as you can cut out around the Template with a Rotary Cutter.

When cutting out your pieces, using a Small 28mm Rotary Cutter will make it much easier to angle around the curve of your Template.

Curves can create a bit of wastage when cutting out.  You can reduce the fabric wastage by alternating the template along your fabric strip.

I have worked with many beginner sewers and the tendency for most is to put a 1000 pins (well that maybe a slight over exaggeration) along their curved pieces to sew them together.  I find this takes a lot of time and isn't actually that helpful.

When working with curved pieces at about 4 or 5 inches I use ONLY 3 Pins.  One in the centre, and one at either raw edge.  If your Curves are about 8in then you can use 5 pins, marking the centre and 1/4in marks in the curve.

While this might look like it is not enough - this allows the fabric to do the work and the bias to make the curve for you. Most of the time when I see curves not having worked out, it is because the fabric has been over stretched and over tensioned as the curve is sewn.

On your sewing machine turn the "Needle Down" function on.  This allows you to align and re-align your work as you sew around the curve.

Before you start sewing on your project it is a great idea to cut out some extra curves and to practise before you begin sewing your pieces for your Quilt.  It lets you get into the groove and try out a few before you jump in.

When it comes to curves - these tips will defiantly help and give you more confidence to tackle projects using them.  

I'd love to hear how you go - let me know in the Comments below if you are keen to try this or go and try it out and then let me know how you went.  

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x

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