Monday, November 12, 2018

Bequest Makers Tour - Briar Hill Designs

Have you seen the very talented and amazing Fabric Collections by Briar Hill Designs. Caverly and Julia are the duo behind this design team.  Caverly is the artist and Julia is the quilt designer which makes for a perfect pairing.  Bequest is their second range for RJR Fabrics which is shipping now.  I am excited to be sharing with you today something I have made for the Makers Tour.

For all those Floral Lovers then you will just adore this range in all the Blue and Whites making such a complimentary colour palette to these fabrics.  With large florals, small scale leaves along with geometric prints, this range has it all.  The Watercolour styled designs make this range fresh all the while giving it that vintage country feel.

In the words of Julia and Caverly...

"A Bequest is something given or transmitted from the past. An heirloom. A legacy. An antique. We used these precious items as our inspiration behind these 20 blue and white prints. Each of the print names go along with our theme: ‘Hope Chest’, ‘Looking Glass’, ‘Loom’, ‘Music Box’, etc. We had such a blast naming them."

Deciding what to make will certainly be the hardest part.  After lots of thought I decided to make one of my Confetti Cushions to showcase these stunning florals.

Getting to work on cutting out these fabrics and then piecing was great fun, taking in the bespoke nature of these prints.  With such a beautifully co-ordinated colour palette all the hard work is done and all the the colours and prints just work so well together.   

Bequest is hitting stores now, so you can get making in plenty of time for Christmas.  You can follow along with all the Makers involved in the tour here: 

November 12th
Jemima Flendt @tiedwitharibbon

November 13th
Julia Wentzell @briarhilldesigns

November 14th
Jacquie Schluter @jacquiesews

November 15th
Stacey Lee O'Malley @slotstudio

November 16th
Wendy Mierke @sewknotcrochet

November 19th

November 20th
Carla Peicheff @cpeicheff

November 21st
Jen Orme @lilmaisydaisy

November 22nd
Shannon Fraser @shannonfraserdesigns

November 23rd
Jess Zimmerman @coralbunnyandlo  

Happy Quilting
Jemima x 

Friday, November 9, 2018

The story of the making of an Aerial Grove Quilt.

It was a long, long time ago when I decided to make an Aerial Grove Quilt.  I fell in love with this pattern by Carolyn Friedlander from her book - Savour Each Stitch back in October 2016. I was smitten - I knew after reading the book from cover to cover that this was a quilt that I wanted to make for myself.   

First part was getting to choose all the fabrics I was going to use for my Needle turn "squircles".  I went through my Liberty fabric stash and pulled out all the ones that made me so happy in a Rainbow colour way.  Cutting up this many Liberty squares actually took a while - to cut, press and then fold back up all these fabrics.  It also made a wonderfully beautiful mess in my sewing room.

Next up was deciding what fabrics I was going to use for the backgrounds of this quilt.  I wanted the quilt to go on our Bed, so although I had picked some very girly Liberty fabrics I then decided to try to make it more something also that my hubby would love on the bed too.  As a big lover of Denim and Chambray fabrics I had the perfect variety of lots of different prints and types of these Denims and Chambray's left from projects that I had already made.  So, so far - I used the Liberty fabrics from my stash and the Denims/Chambray's also came from what I already had.

Some of the Denims and Chambray's I used are below
Gertrude Made Essentials - Texas Denim
Gertrude Made Essentials  - Chambray

I then spent the next year hand sewing all the squircles into place.  The pieces even came on our Family Cruise in December 2017 to Vanuatu.  I had already basted down the Liberty squircles so this made the strips very portable and easy to take with me places when I had a chance to stitch.  

Early in 2018 I had finally finished the hand sewing of all those squircles and began to piece together the strips and background pieces of Denims and Chambray's.

I began to build the quilt out using all the pieces of the Denims and Chambray's I had chosen to use.  I was aiming for this to be quite large and worked it up to be 2.2m x 2.2m so big enough for our Queen size bed.  I knew very early on that I was going to Hand quilt this quilt.  So I also cut the pieces for the blocks with this in mind so that I could use lots of smaller blocks to create the hand quilting design rather than leaving fabric pieces in larger squares and rectangles. In between the Denims and Chambray's I placed a few background blocks in Liberty fabrics to draw cohesion from the Liberty squircles that were in the centre.

Next I sent the Quilt off to my Long Arm Quilter.  Because I knew this was a project that was going to take me a while to work on I had the quilt Basted.  This would save me not only basting such a large Quilt myself but then I would not have to deal with the weight of the number of pins I knew this quilt would need for hand quilting.  

The next task was to collect up all the Thread I was going to use for the Hand quilting - this was the easy part - Aurifil 12wt.  I chose about 8 different blue 12wt Thread colours and then matched each the fabrics to one of these colours so that I knew which fabric would be matching to which colour thread.  

With all my tools ready for Hand quilting - I then started what I knew would be a long and rewarding process.  Over the years I have hand quilted many quilts - I love hand quilting, I find it relaxing and such a worthwhile way to add such a beautiful texture and feel to your quilt.  

If you have wanted to give hand quilting a go or already love this part of quilting and would like some extra tips - here is a Blog post I wrote all about  - My Favourite Hand Quilting Tools.  Here you will find some helpful tips and tricks. 

I used a variety of different Masking tapes - 1/4in, 1/2in and 1inch tapes to help create the spaced lines which went horizontally, vertically or diagonally randomly throughout each background block. 

Once I could see the finish line almost in sight for all the hand quilting, I then went back to my Liberty stash and found some Binding that would go perfectly for that finishing touch to the quilt.

Aren't Binding Babies ever so cute - always the perfect way to store your Bindings and  so very helpful when it comes time to sew the Binding onto your Quilt.

The Backing I choose to use for the Quilt - well that took a long time to decide what to go with.  My first initial though was that I wanted to use Liberty.  I knew that was an extravagant way to use this fabric and it was for the backing so I tried to work through other options.  I looked at Widebacks, lots of different Chambray's and Denim options, I tried looking at yardage of regular Quilting cottons that I thought might work.  It wasn't working for me.  I had spied this Liberty Betsy in Denim from Ava and Neve and then just could get this out of my head to use this.  While it certainly was a luxury - I figured that this was going to be our quilt, all the fabric for the top had come from my stash and mostly I knew I would have regretted not using it.

Within the first 10 seconds of opening up the package of the yardage of this Betsy I knew I had made the right decision.  This Liberty was going to hand quilt up a dream, be so soft and have a much lighter weight to the overall quilt - especially as I had used the Denims and Chambray's on the front which are a little heavier than regular quilting cottons.  I was in love!    

So all in all this quilt took about 2 years to make from beginning to end.  Certainly a wonderful journey in hand sewing and hand quilting.  

Happy Quilting
Jemima x 

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Zakka Home - Book Tour

Sedef Imer of Down Grapevine Lane has just released her second book Zakka Home for Tuva Publishing - after the wonderful success of Quilt Petite, Sedef is back with another great title to add to your Quilting and Sewing Collection.  Zakka Home is filled with 19 "smaller style" projects to get you inspired to fill your home with beautifully handmade projects.

From Pillows to Kitchenware items such as Tea Towels, Table Runners and Trivets, glorious Bags, sweet embroideries, sewing inspired items like Pincushions and an Armchair Caddy along with items to gift - there is something in this book for everyone to make no matter your level of experience.

While it was hard to choose one project to make - I settled on making the Armchair Caddy as I knew I could put this to use straight away with all the Hand stitching and quilting I have been doing of late at night time while sitting on the couch.

The Armchair Caddy is quick to make and after picking some of my favourite Alice Caroline Liberty fabrics paired with some blush 100%Linen and some pre-made liberty Bias Binding I was all set.  The instructions are simple to follow and with full size pattern pieces included there is little prep to get yourself started.

I decided that for the little pocket details I would Applique the Fabrics rectangles on and added these cute Flower buttons from my Button stash.  My pre-made Liberty Binding also helped quicken the time to make this caddy as it was just the right width for the binding.  

I am so thrilled with how the Armchair caddy came up and it fits perfectly on the arm of my couch.  This is going to be so useful and I can change what it needs to hold for each project I am working on.

With Christmas coming up this book would make not only an excellent book to make lots of gifts for your friends and family but also a great gift for a craft friend.  

Check out the rest of the Bloggers who are contributing to the Book Tour 

22 October - Sedef Imer - Down Grapevine Lane - @downgrapevinelane
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24 October - Minki Kim - Minki's Work Table - @zeriano
25 October - Jane Davidson - Quilt Jane - @quiltjane
26 October - Elizabeth Chappell - Quilters Candy Box - @quilterscandybox
27 October - Lauren Wright - Molly and Mama - @mollyandmama
28 October - Sarah Scott - Piccolo Studio - @piccolostudio_sarah
29 October - Alyce Blyth - Blossom Heart Quilts - @blossomheartquilts
30 October - Emily Dennis - Quilty Love - @emily_dennis_
31 October - Sharon Burgess - Lilabelle Lane Creations - @lilabellelane
1 November - Wynn Tan - Zakka Art - @zakkaArt
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4 November - Samantha Dorn - Aqua Paisley Studio - @aqua_paisley
5 November - Love Patchwork & Quilting - @lovequiltingmag
6 November - Kate May - The Homemakery - @thehomemakery
7 November - Ayda Algin - Cafe Nohut - @cafenohut
8 November  - Faith Essenburg - Sarana Ave - @faithessenburg
9 November - Nadra Ridgeway - Ellis & Higgs - @ellisandhiggs
10 November - Fat Quarter Shop - @fatquartershop
11 November - Laura Cunningham - @laura_zuckerkuss
12 November - Bev McCullough - Flamingo Toes - @flamingotoes
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17 November - Ange Hamilton - A Little Patchwork - @alittlepatchwork
18 November -  Sedef Imer - Down Grapevine Lane - @downgrapevinelane 

You can get hold of Zakka Home here

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Modern Quilts - Block by Block Blog Tour

I'm excited to be sharing with you Emily Dennis of Quilty Love first Book - Modern Quilts - Block by Block for Tuva Publishing.  I know how nerve wracking, writing and putting out there your own book is but Emily has knocked this one out of the Park.  You will just love this book and certainly want to add it to your Quilt Library.

Modern Quilts showcases 12 projects with repeating Block designs to get you sewing.  No matter whether this is your first quilt or have more experience, you will enjoy making the patterns from this book.  The pages are well laid out with beautiful colour pictures and diagrams to help you through your chosen quilt pattern.

There is definitely a project in this book for everyone - no matter who you would like to make a quilt for you will find a beautiful pattern for just the right purpose. And just as Emily says in the forward - "Quilts are meant to be used and loved."

It was definitely hard to decide which Block to make but this one caught my eye from the cover of the book.  This Quilt design is called "First Place" and I had just the right Bundle of fabrics sitting in readiness on my cutting table to make it.  I have a FQ Bundle of Forage by Anna Graham of Noodlehead along with some Carolyn Friedlander fabric for my background and I was quickly set.  

This block was great fun and quick to make following along with the Instructions.  I love how the fabric repeats through the block and how striking this quilt will be in lots of different colour and fabric variations.

A lot of the Quilts are Fat Quarter friendly which means they are perfect for all those beautiful Bundles you have stashed on your shelves and with Christmas coming - if you are thinking of making a quilt for someone special there is plenty of time with these designs.

With Big, bold designs you will love all that there is to make in Modern Quilts - you can grab a copy for yourself here

Congratulations Emily on your first book - it is beautiful.

Happy Quilting

Jemima x x

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Trinket Box Quilt - New Pattern release.

Introducing my latest Quilt pattern release -  Trinket Box.  This Quilt has been a long time in the making, having originally drawn up the design about two years ago - earlier this year I knew it was time to get this quilt made.  Inspired by a "Trinket Box" filled with my Grandmothers Gemstone brooches I sat down to draw what would become the design for the Gemstone Blocks.

When I first made this quilt - I decided to go with the 9 Gemstone configuration of blocks you see further down below ("Lap" Quilt).  These are repeated Blocks to showcase stunning fabrics with this Applique.  This quilt then saw not one, not two but three different borders designed, then sewn, sewn on the quilt and then removed.  I was so undecided about how I was going to incorporate a border. Nothing seemed to speak to me and with the meaning behind the quilt so sentimental to me - I had to dig deep.  

I set the quilt top aside and then headed back to my computer to see what else I could do to make this quilt work. I then went back to the drawing you see above and decided that I needed to make this version instead.  

Completely happy with this "Grand" version of this Trinket Box Quilt,  I sent it off to be Custom Quilted by Carol Brady at The Quilting Cottage.  But something was still not right with how I was going to format the pattern.  So I decided to re-visit the smaller version - keep that simple with no border and then I ended up including BOTH versions in the pattern so that you can decide which you would like to make for yourself.

This is the centre block to the "Grand" Quilt version (72.5in x 72.5in / 184cm x 184cm) - it features 12 Blocks with the Round Gems around the outside of the blocks and this beautiful centre Block on point.  I chose to Machine - Blanket Stitch all my Appliqué but the beauty with Appliqué that you can choose your favourite way to Appliqué - by hand or by machine.  

I used my favourite Anna Maria Horner fabrics to make this quilt along with different greys for the background fabrics.  

This is the "Lap" version of the Trinket Box Quilt, it is slightly smaller (60.5in x 60.5in / 154cm x 154cm) but packs just as much punch.  In this version the 9 Gemstone blocks are all repeated with the Round Gems around each of the Gemstone blocks.  If you are new to Appliqué this is a great Quilt to get you inspired.  

So you get to decide with this pattern - which Quilt to make and of course which way you would like to Applique the Blocks.  This Lap Quilt was made using Tilda's Sunkiss range and Essex Line Homespun in Limestone by Robert Kaufman for the background to this quilt. 

The pattern also has Colouring Pages for both designs as well as a Full Size (Download for PDF patterns or A3 pages included in Paper copies) Layout Guide for the Gemstone Blocks which makes it really helpful for positioning your Appliqué pieces.

I also decided that with the Appliqué something that would be very helpful would be a set of Acrylic Templates that could be used for both the tracing and cutting elements of the Appliqué making process.  

Wholesale copies of Trinket Box and Template sets are also available to stores through Creative Abundance.  

A massive thank you to The Quilting Cottage for her amazing Quilting of these quilts.  Also a big thanks you to Tracey Berkmortel Photography for the stunning images of these quilts that she has captured. 

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x

Sunday, October 7, 2018

An Alice Caroline Liberty Exclusives Confetti Quilt

These absolutely STUNNING Liberty Fabrics arrived recently thanks to Alice Caroline Fabrics.  They are the latest in their Exclusives Collection and it's true to say that my heart skipped quite a few beats when I opened these beauties.

Alice Caroline, in this latest collection have taken some of these sentimental Liberty favourites and re-coloured them to work so beautifully as one collection showcasing all the colours of the rainbow.

While I could never pick a favourite - an absolute stand out is the Pink Gold Besty with its touches of metallic gold in the flowers - just the icing on the cake.  The Mint Capel would have to be another one I am really in love with.

It actually took me a little while to decide what I was going to make with these Liberty fabrics.  I wanted to showcase the rainbow effect of these fabrics as well as making something that let the prints shine.  I eventually decided to make my Confetti Quilt pattern using this Tana Lawn Nude as the background.  It is the most elegant shade of slight pink that lets the prints stand out.

As I was busy making this Confetti Quilt - my 14year old daughter quickly claimed this one telling me how perfect it would go with her room.  I used each of the prints from the collection to make this and also added two prints from the previous Exclusives collection to make up the required number of prints for the blocks.

With these rainbow colours, I love how well the prints play together and how even the darker prints compliment the pastel coloured prints in these florals.

Whether you are a die hard Liberty lover or new to these, these Exclusives are a must for your stash!

This Liberty Confetti Quilt is now happily on my daughters bed - being already loved and snuggled under.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x
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