Monday, September 10, 2012

Back in the "sewing" of things!

A long time ago I started and finished this Robert Stitchery from Kristen Doran.  I love her designs and how her stitcheries come to life in many different forms. I always knew who it was going to go to but I was not sure about what I was going to make with it.

Then inspiration struck me - with an overflowing scrap bucket I set about pulling out all the scrap red, black and blue fabrics I had.  Cutting them up into 3inch squares and then sewing them all up I came up with this quilt top to incorporate the Robot Stitchery.

I had been holding on to the backing fabric for a while and knew that there would one day be just the right project for it to be used in.  It made perfect backing for this little quilt.  With some stripy binding I am very happy with how this all came together. 

Finishing one project marks the beginning of another.  As I don't have boys myself I have always found it harder to choose for boys than for girls but when I cam across this "Dont be afraid" range of fabric I knew I had to get some and before long I had put together this quilt top.  Now to decide how to quilt it!

Here is the Ripple Blanket I have finished for my daughter.  The pattern from Attic 24 - Ripple Blanket is just delightful to work.  Once you have this pattern nutted out it just is so pretty.  I find the repetitive design as one of the reasons I most like it - you work up a rhythm and then it just grows and grows.  I have learnt from this project that planning out your projects before you start them is always a good idea.  I started this blanket with one idea in mind but as I didn't have enough white from the same dye lot to continue the way I had started/planned a few modifications and and them I was away again.

Claire and I have been busy putting together new ideas for our Term 4 Sew Along Classes.  This is one of our new Christmas designs which we are currently working up.  I love the days where we just get to create and bounce ideas off each other.  We always have so many ideas and designs but cutting it down to a few always prove tricky.  

Keeping me very busy at the sewing machine has also been my Felt Character Christmas Sacks.  Even though it is only September I have been making orders for quite a few families.  I hope that Santa is going to be excited to fill up these sacks while on his round this year.  These sacks have gone off to a family for a special Christmas treat this season.

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