Thursday, March 22, 2018

How to Master Foundation Paper Piecing - Stars and Stripes Pillow Set Pattern

Have you ever wanted to give Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) a go, or have done so and found this technique a little tricky to master?  Foundation Paper Piecing is when you sew your fabric onto a Paper Pattern to help with precise points and accurate sewing.  Sewing onto the Paper ensures you get great results with your sewing and provides a guide as to where to sew.

Introducing - Stars and Stripes Pillow Set.  My latest pattern designed to walk you through step-by-step with this Technique.

The pattern includes a Colour, Illustrated guide firstly on how to Foundation Paper Piece and lots of helpful tips and Equipment you will find useful to master FPP. There are two pillow included in this pattern - the Stars Pillow and the Stripes Pillow.  I think that the Stripes Pillow is great to start with if you have never done any FPP before.  

Included also in the pattern is a Layout Variation for the Stripes Pillow - make it whichever way you choose.

The Stars Pillow is a striking and fun pillow to make.  Whether you choose solids, prints or a range of fabrics this design will look great.  There are step-by steps also for this Pillow to walk you through the technique and gain confidence in mastering Foundation Paper Piecing.  And certainly if you already love to FPP then this pattern will suit you as well to make these great pillows to spruce up any spot on a couch or bed.  

I used a Rainbow bundle of Liberty Solids from The Strawberry Thief to make the set above. And couldn't go past using Aurifil Brillo #800 for the Machine Quilting.

This pattern looks great also here in Carolyn Friedlander's range - Gleaned.

If your new to Foundation Paper Piecing or have already mastered this technique, then this pattern will suit you so you can make these gorgeous Pillows.

Patterns are also available Wholesale through Creative Abundance for stores who would like to carry this pattern.  2 pattern options are available to wholesale customers, not only the regular pattern version but also a "Workshop Edition" of this pattern.  It comes with Full Colour Instructions and a Complete Set of Paper Templates to make both the Pillows.  That means that you can simply take the Templates out and start sewing straight away.  That means no mucking about with tracing or Photocopying patterns and that makes it great for Workshops and customers alike.  

More Information about Foundation Paper Piecing can be found here on my blog with some past posts and also the Online Course I created for the Quilting Company.  

Have you ever given Foundation Paper Piecing a go before - I'd love to hear your experiences with it? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x

Sunday, March 4, 2018

RJR Fabrics - What Shade are You Blog Hop

I was recently asked - "What shade are you" by RJR Fabrics and while in your head your like that easy - I know exactly what my favourite colours are. Then you get presented with an extensive Colour Card to select from, to narrow that down to make a quilt from - well not as easy as I thought.  

RJR Cotton Supreme Solids have such a large range of colours and for this project - deciding which ones to choose became a tough choice - I had so many favourites. I love the slight sheen these fabrics have to them - just so subtle and the movement in the light - beautiful.

So here is #whatshadeareyou
Optical White - #33
Lemon Chiffon - #182
Flamingo - #338
Hot Pink - #217
Rhodedendrom - #181
Hydrangea - #214
Jacaranda - #317
Riveiria - #274
Robins Egg - #391
Harbour - #425

So with a plan in mind I set about sewing and making - the saturation of the colours against the white - I just love. I usually don't work with just solids so I was welcoming the change of direction and really loving the opportunity to design a project where it was about the colours of the fabrics rather than the prints.  Starting first with paper and pen and then moving to the fabric to create my plan - I was starting to feel comfortable with the fabrics I choose and how they would work together.

Using the White background fabric meant that when it came time to pressing that I needed to consider the colours of the fabrics.  When coloured pieces were sewn together for the Half Square Triangles- I pressed towards the darker fabric, when sewing the blocks together - I pressed all my seams open so that I wouldn't have any dark shadows behind that crisp "Optical White".

This is my Aurora Quilt that I designed - and I couldn't be happier with how these solids have worked against the white background in this pattern.  It was exactly what I was after.  

We recently travelled down to our friends farm out in the country, down south and after a bit of location scouting came across the neighbours property where these shed were.  As soon as I saw them I knew they would be perfect against the colours of the quilt for a backdrop.

I had the quilt Long Arm quilted by Carol Brady of The Quilting Cottage with this circular design and it was done in a Mint green thread so that the colour of the thread with the quilting wouldn't stand out to much over the range of different colours.

I truly loved making this quilt - these Half Square Triangles were cheerful and fun to sew.  And I even have plans for anther Solids inspired quilt.  
Happy Quilting
Jemima x 
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