Tuesday, September 5, 2023

The Tied with a Ribbon Studio

The Tied with a Ribbon Studio

While I moved into my this studio more that 2.5years ago, I get asked a lot of questions about my studio and workspace.  So I thought it high time that I should put some pictures up to show and share my workspace and tell you some of the details I often get asked a lot about.

One of the things I love most about my room is how we converted what was the Theatre room of the house into my studio.  With a fresh coat of paint and with a large area to work with this was my first pic when we moved in to become my new studio.

It faces the street and as such has great morning light that streams through the windows and I can watch out and see the day go by busily.  

The only downside of this space is that as it was the Theatre, the front windows are the only source of light as it was built to be a dark space for great movie watching.  While I would love to put in some windows along the side I have actually used the wall space to my advantage and I will show you below.

My Cutting Bench is really the highlight of my sewing studio.  Hubby and I went to Ikea and custom built a Kitchen Island Bench to meet my needs and sewing requirements.  The bench is really deep so I have gained so much storage in it.  We configured a mix of draws and shelves so that some things I can have easily at hand and on display - and also have lots of my smaller pieces of equipment like cutting rulers, scissors, stationary etc neat and tidy in the draws so they don't spill out.  

We pulled the Benchtop to one end creating a "overhang" so that I could get a stool under it to sit at - this is now where I will do my paper work etc and I have put my stationary draws close by for this purpose.

I can now stand and cut at this bench (which is a great height and back-saver) comfortably.  My dad helped a lot with this and we have now even put the Island bench onto castors so that I can move it around my sewing studio when I need to to take photos or for larger work spaces.

The Rails that I hang quilts from, are Window Hanging Rails from Spotlight.

The Sewing Cabinet is a Horn - Sovereign Mk III.  This allows me to lower my sewing
machine to the bed height and then I can machine quilt with a flat surface and a nice big table space behind the quilts and projects.  I have a few draws and my Overlocker is also stored in the side of the cabinet.  My chair is also a Horn Chair - it's a gas lift and has great support for my back.

Underneath the extended side of the table is a set of draws - these are actually from Ikea and fit perfectly underneath the table extension so that I have all my notions, thread and equipment right on hand.  The drawer unit is called "Alex".

Inside the "Alex" draws my husband fitted peg board and then small dowls all from Bunnings to fit inside the draws.  On these I have organised all my threads in colour order of course.  

My Sewing Machine is a @tulapink Bernina 770QE. This machine helps me to make and create all my designs. She is well worked and that iridescent colour just always makes me smile every time I turn it on. And you know I am a massive @tulapink fan!⁣

Where I stash fabric - I have large IKEA Bookshelves (sadly these ones were discontinued years ago) where I put all my fabric stash. It is sorted into Types, Designer and by Colour. I love being able to see what I need at a glance.⁣⁣

Remember how I said that I had to find the a good purpose for the wall space.  This side wall doubles as to where my sewing design wall goes and also where I hang my quilts for photos.  This is why we put the cutting bench on castors so that it can be moved out of the way for when I have photo shoots in here.

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