Sunday, September 27, 2020

Love Triangle Quilt Along Week 5

Well I can't believe we have come to the final week of the Love Triangle Quilt Sew Along.  I am beyond humbled by all those who have joined in and for all the love this pattern of mine has been shown.  A massive thank you to you all for your support - it really does mean so much to me.

So this week is all abut getting your Love Triangle Quilt Top ready for Quilting, and Binding and being able to then finish it up.  I have put together some tips and links below which I hope will help you with the decisions for this next part of the process with how you will finish it.


When it comes to deciding on how to Quilt your Quilt - you have lots of options.

Quilt It Yourself - for those keen to quilt your own Quilt there are lots of ways you can tackle this.  I have Quilted all of the Love Triangle Mini Quilts I have made.  They don't have extravagant quilting on them - just simple lines following the diagonal of the triangles, using the seam line and my 1/4in foot on my machine as my guide is just one of many options.

Carolyn Friedlander "CF" and "Jetty" Love Triangle Mini Quilt

Libs Elliot "Phosphor" Love Triangle Mini Quilt

I also did Matchstitck Quilting on the Tula Pink Solids version that I made.  This is always an effective method and the time it takes, is well worth the textural element that this type of quilting adds.

If you are quilting the Lap or Queen size versions Love Triangle Quilt you will need to fill in your quilt with a lot more Quilting because of the size of the Triangles.  You can do this in lots of different ways - Straight Line Quilting, Cross-Hatching over the entire quilt, using a Large Zig Zag stitch without needing a lot of experience.

For those wanting to give Free-Motion Quilting a go or already are familiar with this Technique, check out this Blog Post I wrote all about Machine Quilting.  I hope this gives you some helpful tips.

                                   Machine Quilting and Free Motion Quilting Tips

Send it to a Professional - I have had two Lap size Love Triangle Quilts quilted.  Both by Carol Brady at the Quilting Cottage. The original Tula Pink Version was Custom Quilted.
I also had this 80's Pop Music inspired version I made all over Quilted.  The pattern we chose works so well not to distract from the lettering and add to the geometric design.


Once you have your Quilt all Quilted - now you can turn your attention to Binding your Quilt. There are so many Tutorials for how to bind you Quilt if you Google.

I have put together a Tutorial on how to work the Binding continuously around the corner when you sew it onto the top of your Quilt - its a small but very helpful and useful way to sew your Binding all on in one go.  Check it out here

The Longarm League have partnered with us to bring you special Deals and Discounts for those in the US and Canada participating in the Love Triangle QAL

A team of Longarm League quilters will be standing by to help you finish your Love Triangle top! Send it to one of the quilters listed below by December 31, 2020, and receive a discount of 20% off edge to edge quilting services OR free batting! Your choice!

We have EIGHT quilters from the United States and TWO quilters from Canada ready to help you out! Visit their websites or social media accounts for more details or to ask specific questions.

Aurifil have a Tula Pink Homemade Thread Collection for one winner

Fabric Stork have an American Road Trip FQ Bundle by Jacqueline Colley for Figo Fabrics

Troll Brothers Quilt Designs have a $50 Store credit for one winner

So to be in the running post your pics from the weeks prompt on Instagram to - #lovetriangleqal, #lovetrianglequilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.  It also helps to tag me - @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post.

A massive thank you again to everyone who has bought my Pattern(s) and participated in the Love Triangle Quilt Along - I am so blown away by how many of you from all over the wold have joined in and just in love with your fabric choices and how your quilts have come together.

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you

Jemima x x 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Love Triangle Quilt Along Week 4


I can't believe we are getting so close to the end of the Love Triangle Along.  I have been so inspired by all the different and personal stories behind your choices for which fabrics you went with and how so many of these Quilts have an owner eagerly awaiting its finish.

While Equilateral Triangles can be quite tricky when you first start, I hope that after the tips I have given you and a bit of practice you are well and truly feeling more confidant and seeing improvement and satisfaction at your points lining up.

This week we are working on finishing up your last few rows - that is Rows 9-12 as well as sewing all the rows together (if you haven't done so already).  Our aim by the end of this week is to have a completed Quilt Top.


My Fabricology has a $100 Gift Certificate for one winner

Great Heron Thread Co is giving away a FQ Bundle of these Figo Fabrics (9 x FQ's)

So to be in the running post your pics from the weeks prompt on Instagram to - #lovetriangleqal#lovetrianglequilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.  It also helps to tag me - @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post.

Happy Quilting 
Jemima x x

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Love Triangle Quilt Along Week 3


It's Week 3 of the Love Triangle Quilt Along - we are over halfway and it is very exciting to see lots of Quilts starting to come together and all these beautiful fabric choices becoming gorgeous Love Triangle Quilt tops.

This week we are working on sewing up Rows 5-8.  Did you check out the post last week with some helpful tips on Pinning - you can see it here.

And for those who thrive more from a visual explanation - check out this video I have made on getting Perfect Points every time.  These are the same steps from the previous post just shown in a video. This is taken from my IGTV "How to achieve Perfect Points when sewing Equilateral Triangles.


This week we have two great Sponsors each with a great prize each up for grabs.

Pink Door Fabrics has a $40 Gift Certificate for one winner

Figo Fabrics have one Polar Magic FQ Bundle to giveaway to one winner

So to be in the running post your pics from the weeks prompt on Instagram to - #lovetriangleqal, #lovetrianglequilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.  It also helps to tag me - @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post.

Happy Quilting 
Jemima x x 

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Love Triangle Quilt Along Week 2

What an amazing start we have gotten off to with the Love Triangle Quilt Along - it is so exciting to see so many fabric pulls and cut out triangles showing up already.  I am seriously in love with lots of these that they make me want to make another one - or ten!  Have you checked out the #lovetrianglequilt and #lovetriangleqal hashtags?

It's certainly not too late at all to join in the fun at all.

You can get all the details for the Love Triangle Quilt Along here

I know how excited everyone is to have cut out your fabrics and are now ready to get started on sewing together all your Triangles. This week we are aiming to sew together the first 4 rows of your Love Triangle Quilt.

So if you have never sewn triangles before or even just want a refresher here are some of my best tips to succeed at getting nice pointy points when you are sewing your triangles and rows together.

Pins Matter
When it comes to pinning - yes I really do believe that the type of Pins you use matter and can make a big difference to your sewing.  I have taught many students over the years and a simple way to make a big difference in how you pin, is to use good quality, fine pins designed for Patchwork.  Big, bulky, thick pins will make things harder to line up - they disturb the fabric more when pinned through your fabrics and sometimes they can snag your fabric if they are rusted or have burs along them.  

Fine Pins for Patchwork are a worthwhile notion to have in your Quilting Toolbox - I like to use Clover Fine Patchwork Pins (as pictured below and this isn't a sponsored add - just my personal opinion).  They are sharp, nice and fine and are perfect for use when quilting.

Pin Placement Tip
When it comes to pinning your rows together - one of the best tips I can give you is shown in the Steps below. It's all about lining up, checking and then the placement of your pins.

Step 1 - Once your rows are sewn together (as per the pattern instructions), to line up the points as perfectly as possible - match the rows right sides together. Then slightly open up along the raw edges of where your sewn seam line will run and match the Points here at 1/4in. Don't just assume you have everything magically perfect to sew along the 1/4in raw edge seam line.  Take the time to match each triangle tip.

Step 2 - Place a pin on an angle at the 1/4in mark where you will sew your seam.

Step 3 - Pin all the triangle points, matching carefully and then pinning along the row.  Sew the seam ENSURING to take out your pins just before you get to them. This is where if you have nice Fine pins the aligned fabrics are not disturbed by shifting bulky pins.  
(NEVER sew over Pins!) 

Step 4 - Stand back and admire your perfect alignment of your Triangle points.

Week 1 Inspiration

Check out the amazing prizes from this weeks Sponsors
$50 Gift Certificate from Fabric Pixie

Banian Republic FQ Bundle from Scribbly Gum Quilt Co

One Love Limited Edition Binding Baby from Doohikey Designs

So to be in the running for this weeks prizes make sure to post a pic to your Instagram Feed of your porgress using the #lovetriangleqal, #lovetrianglequilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns hashtags.  Don't forget your profile must be Public for me to be able to see it and it always helps to tag me @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post.

Happy Quilting
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