Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In love with Jewel Colours

Isn't it funny how colours can make you feel.  I have been working on a Custom Order quilt this week and I have loved working on this design.  The brief was to have owls in the fabric/design and in Jewel colours. 

I absolutely loved making this quilt.  It reminded me just how much I love quilting and inspired me to get some of the quilt tops lurking in the depths of the cupboard out to get finished!

I only had to look around my room for colour ideas as the colour theme in my sewing room is Jewel colours.  Here are some pics of my sewing room

I was very excited recently to be interviewed by the lovely Jemma from Handmade Kids.  It was my first interview so I was very chuffed to be asked - you can read my interview here. Thanks again Handmade Kids for the great support you show local and Australian business.

Don't forget to come down and say hello at Perth Upmarket at UWA on Sunday 26th.  I will have lots of goodies and several new items all for sale on the day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Market, To Market

I think I said last post that it has been very busy behind the scenes here at Tied with a Ribbon Head Quarters.  The next Perth Upmarket is on Sunday June 26th at U.W.A - so I have been getting lots of new items ready and giving some of my other favourites a makeover.   If you are in Perth and want to get out and see some beautiful home wares, jewellery, clothing for kids and adults as well as great food and lots of other handmade items then come along for a great day out.  Want to see all I have been getting ready for Market?

Introducing my new Felt Kit - Babushka Beauties.  These are the newest addition to my range of Kits that encourage anyone to pick up some sewing and have a go - especially children.  Although Babushka's are not new around I thought it was time to add these very girly treasures to my range.

I have also put together some fabric and embellishment packs which I have called - Sew Cute Scraps.  These are a selection of fabrics, ribbons, buttons, braids and ric racs. 

I love making Aprons - I love making each one of them as a one off handmade creation to reflect peoples personalities or to match the decor within the kitchen they end up in.  Now all of my Aprons have one of my favourite recipes Tied with a Ribbon to them!

I have also been working on some Christmas Stitcheries together with Claire Turpin DesignI showed you a little sneak peak a couple of posts ago - here is the finished design - what do you think?

Kits of these will also be available at Perth Upmarket.

Look at my crochet squares - they are multiplying at a rapid rate - I love seeing the colours all stacked up.  I just have to learn now how to sew them all together. 

Here are 52 squares - the pattern still needs another 250 plus squares of varying sizes - so this will take a little longer than I first figured!  But I am loving it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've become a Dot Com

There has been alot going on at Tied with a Ribbon HQ over the past few weeks.  I have been doing alot of behind the scenes work.  Firstly in case you have not noticed my blog address has changed now to a .com.  You can now find me at

I will still be posting here at my blog I have just changed its name so I have less addresses as such.  It is re-directing all the traffic to come here no matter which address you use but you can update it in your favourites and readers.

I have also been working on new pattern cover photos for all of my Felt Kits.  I recently had a photo shoot with Sheena Cooke PhotographyIt was a great day - I was so amazed at how creative she was and could just capture the right photo. I had a couple of models to put together some great Editorial style shots and I can't wait to share the end results with you.  Although I have been working on my own photography skills sometimes it is best to get an expert.  I will be revealing the photos over the next few weeks so stay tuned.  Here is one of the photos I took of my Delicious Doughnuts.

On the topic of Cameras - my Ephiphanie Camera Bag arrived and to say it was worth the wait is an understatement - I absolutely just love it.  It is a bit larger than I expected but I can put my purse and phone and use it as my Handbag when I want to take it out.

Here's a sneak peak at a Christmas Stitcherie I have been working on.  While I might be alone on this I am a firm believer that it is never too early for Christmas so I have started on this new design which will be available soon. 


I have been using Cosmo Threads to stitch the design and if you have not heard of them before they are well worth tracking down.  I was introduced to them a while ago and love the Egyptian Cotton they are made from - they are beautiful to work with and have such a gorgeous lustre about them that make the little extra you pay for these well worth it.

Although none of the stores I rang locally stock them there are several places online you can buy these from.  I got mine from Cookies and Cream Craft.  Sandy has been so helpful with getting the Cosmo threads to me I was after.  Her shop has lots of beautiful things to have a look at.

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