Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wildflower Meadow - you have done it again Melly and Me!

I have been a lucky girl being able to get to work with this beautiful new range Wildflower Meadow by Melly and Me thanks to Millhouse Collections for Riley Blake Fabrics.  This latest range from Melly is absolutely the cutest and so whimsical with its mix of characters and flowers.

As a child I used to spend lots of time making Daisy Chains with my friends in and around the Grasslands of my house.  These fabrics inspired me to make a quilt reminiscent of those times creating the chain of daisy flowers around the main fabric trail of the quilt.

The animals are just so sweet and the range includes beautifully coloured fabrics to co-ordinate with the main prints.  Wildflower Meadow is available now and I am sure it will be a much loved fabric range.

Daisy Chain is now available as a PDF downloadable pattern in my Etsy store.

I just knew this range was perfect to make this Butterfly Trail Appliqué Cushion.

With bright colours and cute characters this was just perfect for this design.  I used Aurifil 12wt Cotton to Appliqué my Butterfly in matching up the colours of the fabrics with the threads.  The beauty of Appliqué is that you can choose which way you like to sew it best - whether by machine or hand the results are always great.

Butterfly Trail is now available as a PDF downloadable pattern in my Etsy store.

Here is a list of stores which have the range here in Australia

Jemima x 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Green Tea and Sweet Beans - My way!

I can not believe that I have actually finished the last stitches on my version of Green Tea and Sweet Beans by Jen Kingwell.  This is going to be a long post (pre warning you), I have been asked so many questions through Facebook and Instagram about the way I made mine that I thought I would write this post to go through my construction process of this quilt.  I love sharing with others my knowledge of quilting and this is just how I put this quilt together.  I decided that from the beginning that I was going to use techniques and methods that I felt very comfortable with and was stronger at.  I love a challenge but I also felt that for me I wanted to enjoy and have my best skills shown in its stitches.  So my version differs in techniques and construction than Jen Kingwell's quilt and pattern but is this not the true beauty of quilting.

I first started this quilt back in April with a Starter Kit from Westwood Acres. This was great as from this pack of fabrics I then pulled fabrics from my own stash that  I loved.

This is the techniques and methods I used for the blocks and tips that I found noteworthy for making the blocks.  I traced the templates from the pattern using an "Add a 1/4 ruler" and  Light box.

Wedding Chain Block
Machine pieced
The centre block was fussy cut. 

Propeller Blocks
Machine pieced

Cut out each piece individually with the fabric facing up.  In quilting we are so used to cutting out with fabric folded from the bolt but you need to cut each singularly to avoid the propellers going in the wrong direction.

This is my FAVOURITE block from the whole quilt!

Machine pieced

Garden Paths 
Machine pieced
This one has y-seams inset in the blocks - be careful not to stretch Piece "H" as you inset these as these are on the bias.

Double Pinwheels
Machine pieced

Press seams open when you iron for this block - it will help alleviate any bulk.  I sewed this block wrong! TWICE!  So I figured that the pinwheels facing the wrong direction was a point of interest.  

Churn Dash
Machine pieced

I love these blocks - I fussy cut some "Symbols" from some of the text fabric from the starter kit and love how these came together.  Press all seams open - they will lie nice and flat for this block.

Applique Block 1, 2, 5 and Berry Basket, Clam Shell
Hand Applique and Machine sewing

Needle turn is not my cup of tea - some people love it and I just can't get it looking as good as I would like.  Hand Applique using Button hole stitch is one of my favourites and I have used this technique on many, many quilts.  

I decided that as I love this type of sewing that for most of the pieces and blocks that use Needle turn that I would Hand Applique these pieces instead.  I used 2 strands of DMC Rayon embroidery thread and used Vliesofix to adhere all the shapes to block.  

All the stems throughout the whole quilt were made with a bias tape maker and stitched in place using a Triple stitch on the sewing machine.  These were sewn down first and then the applique flowers and leaves hand sewn.

For the Clam Shells I used the helpful Tutorial from Amanda at A Crafty Fox.  I am really glad that I over locked the edges of this fabric.  

Drunkards Path 
Machine pieced

PIN! PIN! PIN!  Bias curves can be tricky but when in doubt PIN!

Machine pieced
The pieces were machine pieced and I Hand Appliqued the centre flower.

Tulip Block
Machine pieced

There are Y-seams in this block when you machine piece so pin and press carefully.  Mark the intersection of where the seams will meet at the 1/4 in mark with a pencil so that you know where to stop sewing to allow the y-seam to inset.

Hexagon Panel
English Paper Piecing

I used traced Hexagon papers and glue basted the fabric hexagons to the paper hexagons.  These were then hand stitched together using a whip stitch and Aurifil 50wt thread to make the panel.  My hexagons are the wrong size (I did not read the pattern properly and made the wrong size hexagons - hence having to add an extra strip of fabric to make the block the correct size).

Orange Peel, Igloos and Clam Shells
Needle turn

For all of my Needle turn I used Floriani - Stitch and Wash.  This is probably one of the most asked questions about my quilt.  I traced the shapes onto the Floriani and then cut them out.  The Floriani shapes were then ironed to the back of my chosen fabrics and cut out about a 1/4inch around the outside.  I snipped around the shape to make it easier to fold down the seam allowance and glued this seam allowance in place with regular paper glue stick and using a cuticle stick to help place and smooth as I went around the curves of the shape.  This made a neat shape which was then hand stitched into place on the background fabric.  

Day Lily
Machine pieced

Baby Carriage Flowers
Machine pieced
The stems were sewn down using a Triple stitch on the machine.

Flower Blocks
Machine pieced

Take your time this block is tricky but well worth the invested effort.  

Double Drunkards Path
Machine pieced

Square Daisy
Machine pieced

Pinwheel Blocks
Machine pieced
Great fun these blocks - press seams open

Checkerboards and Filler Strips
Machine pieced
I made these once I had finished all the blocks - I kept a bucket for scrap pieces that were leftover from all the blocks and then cut out the squares and rectangles from this little stash.

The Border
Hand Applique and Machine Pieced
For the border, just as with the Flower Appliqué blocks the Stems were sewn down using a Triple Stitch on my sewing machine.  I placed this all out first to see what it would look like and then pinned the stems down to sew.  The Flowers were then all iron into place and Hand sewn using Blanket Stitch.  I did not mitre my corners!

When I Hand Quilted the borders I used different sized masking tapes to set out the lines that I would follow.  Starting with 1/4in masking tape around the quilt and then working my way out with various widths.  The tape makes hand quilting easy as the line is there for you and you don't have to worry about marking your quilt.


I could not go past this "Word Play" fabric by Michele D'Amore for Bernatex Fabrics.

Hand Quilting

I decided to hand quilt the entire quilt.  This took a little while but well worth the effort.  For most blocks I just hand quilted a 1/4in in from the seams or with the Flower blocks I hand quilted very closely to the flower to make it "stand up" a little.  I used Finca Perle 8 thread to quilt the entire quilt.

Jemima x x 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cover Girl!

When I first started Quilting on a "professional" level it was one of my dreams to be asked by Homespun Magazine to make a Quilt for them. Earlier this year I had my Sew Reel Quilt published in May.  This was an absolute thrill as it was so exciting to see my first major quilt published within its pages as well as being on the cover.  

In July my "Every Which Way" quilt was published and now in November I am  over the moon to have my third quilt published for Homespun.  This quilt - "Liberty Belle"  is a particularly special quilt as it was made for my oldest daughter.  She had a very big hand in the creation of the quilt choosing the Liberty prints and the colour way she most loved.  Within the published feature is an article all about how she shared in this quilt.  

Liberty Belle has been exquisitely styled for the front cover and I just love how beautiful it looks (although I am slightly biast).  This quilt also has been completely hand quilted - this was a big undertaking but so well worth every stitch I made as I know Shay will have this quilt for many years to come and I would love to think it is even an heirloom she would treasure to pass on to her own family some day.

I have been keeping buys with a little wardrobe updating over the past weeks.  I have made another Wiksten Tank.  

This is my go to summer top pattern and this new one is now my third.  I love how versatile they are.  This pattern is great and comes together easily in about 1.5 hours.  My newest one is made from Liberty Lawn in Tresco from Alice Caroline Fabrics

I also could not resist making these City Gym Shorts from The Purl Bee - well three pairs - one for me (Chambray and Nani IRO), one pair for Shay (Chambray and Liberty Lawn) and one pair for Ash (Chambray and Kokka Metallic Raindrops).  This free pattern/tutorial was well written and the shorts were quick to make and I can see that there also will be many more of these cute shorts made over the summer.

Jemima x x
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