Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shopping on Etsy

I love shopping!  I feel it could almost be my part time job!  Since starting Tied with a Ribbon I have not done of much of it as I used to - well not actually going to the shops as such.  I now buy lots of things off Etsy.  This week I treated my girls to these beautiful place mats from Pilli Pilli.

I love receiving parcels of goodness in the post.  And already they are showing signs of appreciation with some spaghetti sauce.

This week things have been quieter on the stitching front and busy on the preparing side.  I have had a chance to catch up on some bookwork,  have some new flyers printed and some activities organised for later in the year. 

These flyers along with some samples of my personalised items have now found their way to a beautiful Children's Boutique in Mount Lawley - Little Horrors.   

Along with flyers being sent to the printers so was a new pattern.  After several requests for these fellows introducing - Plum Puddings.

Lots of packing, sticking, cutting and counting mean that these are now available.  These are one of my most popular Christmas Felt Characters and now you can make them yourself with the Pattern, Instructions and supplies to make them for your own tree.

They will be coming along with me to the Perth Upmarket  which is on September 12th at U.W.A.  Book the date in your diary and come along and say hello.  I will have several other new items with me on the day.  

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It looks like Christmas

Most of what I have been working on this week has a Christmas flavour about it.  All those Christmas Fabrics that I showed you in my last post now look like this

Lovely Christmas Aprons - some of which have already gone to be tucked away as Christmas Gifts.

I have also been working with these fabrics which are going to be turned into a Christmas Table Runner to match its new owners Christmas Scheme. 

And after all the Christmas Sacks that I have been making for others my two girls wanted to know where theirs were.  So after discussions about which colour and characters each wanted I have been working on completing one for them each. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love Birds

Well I finally got to take the picture of the Machine cover that I had made a couple of weeks ago at Sunday Stitching.  This sits on my mum's sewing machine, well one of her machine any how as a few months after making her the first one, mum upgraded her sewing machine only to suggest that she would also need a cover for her new machine!!!

The revamp has continued in my sewing room.  Many, many months ago I bought this big white frame from Ikea, always with the intention to fill it with some sort of birds to go with the birds in my Babushka Quilt hanging on my sewing room wall.  After the clean out I knew it was time to finally put something in the frame instead of continuing to trip over it.  So this is what I put together (mostly with the inspiration from Claire!).  The birds are simply machine stitched onto the fabric with a decorative stitch just inside from the edge and then I free hand quited the white background.  I love that my sewing room is now coming together as I had imagined it.

These Matryoshka Dolls are from Kristen Doran. I was lucky enough to meet this very talented lady earlier this year in Melbourne.  We share a love for variegated DMC thread and these dolls. 

Under construction this week is this pile of Christmas Fabrics which just arrived in the mail.  They are destined to be turned into an order for Christmas Aprons. 

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