Friday, January 14, 2022

Two Hearts Quilt Along - Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of the Two Hearts Quilt Along.  I am so excited you will be joining in.

Welcome to Week 1 of the Two Hearts Quilt Along.  Designed to be fun, casual and relaxed so that you can work through making your very own Two Hearts quilt over the coming 4 weeks - I am looking forward to having you join in. Everything you need to get you started is here along with the Schedule for the coming 4 weeks.


If you are wanting to join in - it's not too late at all (you can join in at any point). To participate all you need to join in is:


2. Post your pics from the weeks prompts on Instagram to  #twoheartsquiltalong#twoheartsquilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.  It also helps to tag me - @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post.


This week is all about choosing and deciding which fabric you will use to make your Two Hearts Quilt as well as getting it cut up.  Make sure to check out the #twoheartsquilt hashtag for inspiration.

Week 1 - Selecting your Fabric
This weeks task is all about selecting and choosing the fabric you would like to make your Quilt from. Post a pic to Instagram, using the above hash tags of your fabric pull or quilt planning to show us what you will be making your Two Hearts Quilt from and to be in the running for this weeks prizes.

This is where the sky is the limit - whether you choose Solids or Prints this quilt works.  You can grab fabrics from your stash or use a collection.

For this quilt - multi directional prints work best and are easiest.  Geometrics work well as well as smaller scale prints.


Solids work so well for this Quilt and the choices of different Fabric Company Solids is huge.  One way to do this is head over to Pinterest and search Colour Palettes - this gives you lots of boards with a selection of colours already that co-ordinate and work well together.  From here you can pick and choose solids for any colour palette you like.

This design also works perfectly to pull fabrics from your stash if you want to go with a scrappy vibe.  

Cutting your Fabric

Now that you have chosen your fabrics, this week is also all about cutting into them. As the pattern calls for Fat Quarters from your print/coloured fabrics make sure to use the Fabric Cutting Layout guide included in the pattern to avoid wastage or not having the required number of pieces.

HOT TIP - With your background fabric, I like to roll the yardage onto a spare empty bolt.  You can ask you ask your Local Quilt store for a spare empty cardboard bolt that is used to store fabric on.  Rolling your yardage onto a bolt makes for easy cutting of the yardage which you can roll off and cut from the bolt.

So this weeks task is to post a pic to Instagram using the hashtags #twoheartsquiltalong#twoheartsquilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns of the fabrics that you intend to use for your own Two Hearts Quilt or maybe them cut up.  It could be you planning out your choices or a lovely bundle of what you have chosen - get creative, or even your cut fabrics all laid out beautifully.  It helps to tag me - @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post and of course your Profile has to be set to Public for me to see it.  

I'm so excited to see what fabrics and colours you are choosing - no matter what you go with these will look bold and beautiful in this modern design.


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