Sunday, September 1, 2019

Summer Sampler 2019 - Twist and Turn Block

Welcome to the Summer Sampler 2019 - Piecing Bootcamp.  I am so excited to have  designed this weeks block - "Twist and Turn" focusing on Equilateral Triangles.  Equilateral Triangles can be a block that is considered tricky and difficult to sew.  I'm here today to share a few of my best tips for tackling and triumphing over Equilateral Triangles so that you are confidant to take on more in your future.

Tip 1 - Cutting your Fabrics. When it comes to cutting out your fabrics you need to ensure that you have printed out the template at the correct size.  Your Template Triangles should measure 3in.  

Tip 2 - When cutting out,  it is important to take your time and cut accurately.  With Equilateral Triangles the more precise and care given at each stage will ensure that everything comes together nicely.

Tip 3 - Pinning Matters - when it comes to matching up and sewing your rows together.  Here is one way to help line up those points.

Step 1 - Once your rows are sewn together (as per the pattern instructions), to line up the points as perfectly as possible - match the rows right sides together. Then slightly open up along the raw edges of where your sewn seam line will run and match the Points here at 1/4in. Don't just assume you have everything magically perfect to sew along the 1/4in raw edge seam line.  Take the time to match each triangle tip.

Step 2 - Place a pin on an angle at the 1/4in mark where you will sew your seam.

Step 3 - Pin all the triangle points, matching carefully and then pinning along the row.  Sew the seam ENSURING to take out your pins just before you get to them. This is where if you have nice Fine pins the aligned fabrics are not disturbed by shifting bulky pins.  
(NEVER sew over Pins!) 

Step 4 - Stand back and admire your perfect alignment of your Triangle points.

With these simple tips you will have less fear for the Equilateral Triangle block and I hope it inspires you to get sewing with other Equilateral Triangle Quilt Patterns.

I am very excited to see all the Twist and Turn blocks you create as part of the Summer Sampler 2019.  Make sure to check out the IG hashtag #summersampler2019 to follow along.  
Happy Quilting


  1. What a fun block! Thanks for the tips on sewing triangles.

    1. I am so glad you found these helpful Anorina.


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