Saturday, August 17, 2019

10 small Tips that make a BIG difference to your Quilting!

When it comes to Quilting - whether you are new to Quilting or have been doing it for many years here are my favourite small tips that will help to make a BIG difference.

TIP 1 - Check your 1/4in seam allowance.  Accuracy is very important in Quilting.  Double check your seam allowance actually measures 1/4in.  Different brands of machines actually sew at different sized 1/4in seams.  Investing in a 1/4in foot for your sewing machine will help.

TIP 2 - Always pin before you sew. It will help you align your seams to avoid having to un-pick mis-aligned seams.

TIP 3 - Change your sewing needle every 8 hours (or new Quilt top).  This will ensure your needle is sharp and avoid any skipping or pulled stitches.

TIP 4 - Set your Seams.  When pressing, press the sewn seam flat first then press it in the direction you need it to lay.  This will achieve a straighter seam.

TIP 5 - If you are new to Quilting making smaller projects is a great way to build confidence and skills.  Pillows, Mini Quilts, Table Runners are perfect to get you inspired.

Weekend Quilting is filled with small projects to make

TIP 6 - Make sure to read Instructions all the way through before you begin.  It will help you to understand where you are headed, what supplies you will need to organise before you begin and will step you through each stage with ease.  

TIP 7 - Organise yourself and your workspace before you begin a project for example make sure you have all the notions you need, pre wind your bobbins, iron your fabrics before you begin cutting.  All these things will help keep you moving through your project rather than lots of stopping and starting.

TIP 8 - When you are making blocks such as Half Square Triangles (HST's) or Flying Geese (if the pattern doesn't already account for it) slightly oversize the blocks so that you can trim them down accurately to size.

TIP 9 - Take a class at your Local Quilt Store or Online classes.  Getting some help and advice is a great way to learn more as well as meeting like minded creative people.

TIP 10 - Choose good quality fabrics and notions - you will enjoy making your projects so much more without frustration from inferior notions or poor quality sewing equipment.  Buy the best your budget can afford.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x 


  1. Great tips for new & experienced sexist! Thanks! @the.quilting.nana on IG

    1. So glad you liked them and I did have a little chuckle to myself over the typo. Jemima

  2. Thanks for the great tips!! I just saw your instafeed and I can’t being myself to pay for the wooden binding notion so I use empty spoils of thread or toilet paper for bindings and various sashings (100 blocks I have 4 going) and borders. Keeps them from getting all wrinkled after I have pressed them. Thought I would share ��

    1. Sometimes its all about making what you have work for you - sounds like you are doing just that. Glad you liked the tips. Jemima

  3. What’s the name of the quilt pattern in your blog

  4. Hi Sue, that pattern is from my book - Quilt Big. Thanks Jemima

  5. Thank you for the free pattern. I love your designs.

  6. Thank you, Jemima for the free pattern. I love your Confetti pattern, however, the price is a bit too high for me to afford at $16.00 for a pdf file I have to download and print myself. If this pattern goes on sale, please notify me because I'd love to make this quilt. Thank you!


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