Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Aurora Quilt Pattern release

For the longest time I had a quilt idea bubbling around in my head.  I knew that I wanted for to be all about the colour, something bold and graphic style.  I wanted a repeating quadrant pattern for ease of piecing. I wanted it to be beautiful and mostly I wanted it to be versatile enough that it would look fabulous no matter what fabric you chose! I have a love affair with Half Square Triangles and just knew I wanted these to be the star of this design. 

Introducing - Aurora!

Sometimes a quilt design begins on the Computer with ideas and blocks and colours that I work with.  Aurora started with graph paper, coloured pencils and a number of goes to get the colour combo and quadrant design just right. 

In this version I have used Alison Glass' - Sunprint 2018 range with Devonstone White as my background together with Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Indigo as my binding.  The beauty of this quilt is that you can use Rainbow Colours, Solids are perfect, it would look amazing in Ombre fabrics - which are so on trend at the moment and definitely one I want to give a go.  It would look fabulous with your fabric range using a selection of prints from the range.  Or even super awesome as a Scrappy Quilt.  No matter what fabric you choose this quilt will look fabulous.

The pattern contains 3 sizes to make - a Lap Quilt 64.5in x 64.5in (163cm), Queen Size 80.5in x 80.5in (205cm x 205cm) and a Pillow that you can make to match and complete your set 16.5inx 16.5in (42cm x 42cm)

I can never resist this shot when I make quilts.

The pattern is also available for wholesale customers to purchase through Creative Abundance (here in Aus) or through Checker Distributors (in the US).  Paper copies have started to arrive in stores so ask at your local Quilt store.

SewMondo have put together kits of my exact Aurora Quilt so if you would like one just the same as is pictured then you can head here to order your kit.   

I'd love for you to share your Aurora quilt - tag me over on Instagram at @tiedwitharibbon and use the hash tags - 
#auroraquilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns

I can not wait to see the different version you will create.
Happy quilting
Jemima x x 


  1. Would love to make this in Rainbow colors. Would first try it out in pillow size. Any chance you have one made up that you could post picture? Or even help sketch it out? I'm attempting to use the color blank in the pattern but getting stuck. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sue, I have only so far made the one you can see above in the Pillow picture - hope that helps.

  2. Hmmm....probably have to get the quadrant thing out of my head and just consider the overall pattern. Will keep playing. Wish me luck!


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