Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Foldover Clutch Tutorial

Fat 1/8th Feature Fabric
Fat 1/4 Lining Fabric
Fat 1/8th Faux Leather
8in (20cm) Trouser/Jeans Zip
Fat 1/8th Fusible Medium-Weight Interfacing
Optional - Tassel

Note: I used Faux Leather for this project - you can, of course, use real Leather or even fabric like Chambray or Linen.

Cutting Instructions
Cut 2 - 7.5in x 9in pieces from Feature fabric

Cut 2 - 5.25in x 9in pieces from Faux Leather

Cut 2 - 12.25in x 9in pieces from Lining fabric

Cut 2 - 7.5in x 9in pieces of Interfacing

1/4in Seam Allowance 

Step 1 - Take the Feature Fabric pieces and with the iron, fuse the Interfacing to the wrong side of the feature fabric.  Take one Feature Fabric piece and one Faux Leather piece and with right sides together (RST) place the raw edges together.  Pin and sew in place.    When you pin faux Leather, place your pins into the seam so that you do not leave holes in the leather or you can use Wonder Clips to hold in place while you sew.

Step 2 - Gently press the seam towards the feature fabric.  Make sure to turn your iron heat down and do not press directly on the side of the leather but rather the back side.  Repeat steps 1-2 for the other pieces to make the back.

Step 3 - To sew the zip, take your front side panel and place it down with right side facing UP.  Place the zip - right side DOWN along the top edge of the front panel piece. 

On top of the zip place one of the Lining piece with right side DOWN.  Pin to hold the three layers together.

Step 4 - Pull the zip open about 1/3rd of the way along.  Sew along the raw edges of the fabric and zipper to sew in the zip.  You may need to put your Zipper Foot on your machine.  When you have nearly reached the zip put the "Needle Down" into the fabric and then place the Foot up and pull the zipper closed (then put your foot back down) to sew past without hitting the zip.

Step 5 - Turn your fabric out and over the right way.  Pin the Zip and Front and Lining Fabrics together and Top Stitch along the edge of the fabric to hold the Front and Lining fabric into place.  By Top Stitching this will ensure that you do not catch the lining fabric into the zip when you open it.

Step 6 - Repeat for the Back side by firstly placing the Lining fabric with the right side facing UP.  Then place the completed Front Panel on top of the Lining fabric with the right side facing UP.  Then place the Back piece on top of the front Piece.  Line up the top raw edges and Pin.  Sew in place as you did for the front. Top Stitch the Back top edge.

Step 7 - To sew the Foldover Clutch together - place the Front and Back sides together and the Lining pieces together (RST).  Make sure to OPEN the ZIP!!! Pin around the outside edges of the clutch lining up the corners, side seams and zip ends.  Begin sewing 2/3rds the way along the bottom edge of the Lining and then all the way around your clutch till you get back to about 1/3rd.  You can see I have marked where I start and finish with Blue Pins leaving this gap in the Lining for turning out.  Once you have sewn all the way around clip the corners and turn your Clutch out the right way and make sure you have "poked" out the corners.  Sew the opening in the Lining closed.

Step 8  - Gently press the clutch at the side seams and then fold over the top edge and press in place where you would like it to fold.  I like to do this about half way down the leather.  

These are great fun to make for yourself and as gifts.  Fill them with your favourite things and off you go. You can add Tassel's or Zipper Pulls or even pieces of Ribbon through the Zip pull.

If you have a go I'd love to see your makes - tag me - @tiedwitharibbon or use the #foldoverclutchtutorial so I can see your creations.

Happy Sewing

Jemima xx 


  1. Lovely clear tutorial, (I love lots of photos) Pinning, thanks.

  2. I LOVE your tutorials! Can't wait to try this foldover clutch, sew cute!!

  3. I love the tutorial !! I have to try it

  4. Lovely tutorial. Thank you. Please advise what is the finished size of the pouch? Thank you again.

    1. Hello - the finished size is 8.5in x 11.5in. I must add that to the Tutorial.


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