Friday, March 6, 2015

A sweet Baby Blanket and some shopping.

I have been working on this Bobble Flower Granny Square Blanket for some time now.  I started it last year and then as I got busy with other projects it got pushed to the side.  Late last year I decided that it was time to make time to get this blanket finished.

I used this Pattern - Bobble Flower Granny Square Blanket and Cascade Ultra Pima Yarn.  The main colours were the white and taupe and then I chose 5 colours for the flowers. This yarn is divine to work with - so soft and beautifully textured.

One evening after having completed all the granny squares I asked Miss 12 if she could give me a hand to arrange them.  I gave her the bundle of squares and asked her to lay out the colours so that each of the flowers were arranged randomly and mixed up.  Well I was amazed.

I came back to this beautifully laid out design - I was in awe as she said to me "Can you see it Mum".  This quilt is to be gifted to someone special so the Heart was just perfect.  We had just the right amount of coloured flowers and even the heart being this beautiful Coral colour was just right.  She just melted my heart at her design and foresight to arrange them this way.

And of course it just called for a sweet Scallop border to finish in the white.

Last week I was so lucky to have a few days away in Melbourne.  Of course fabric shopping was a must.  These spoils came home with me from Amitie Textiles.  I spent almost 3.5 hours pouring over the beautiful fabrics and found it so hard not to take it all home.  I settled on making this quilt "Smitten" and choose the fabrics to make it - oh so Amitie.  

Another stop I made was at L'uccello of Melbourne.  This little shop is filled with treasured vintage finds, fabrics as well as modern and new treasures.  This was my loot from this stop.

Jemima x x

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  1. Lovable blanket, I love the different color floral design. Thanks for sharing, try to visit our page White + Warren for more baby blankets. Thanks ! :)


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