Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tutorial : How to make a Gingerbread Man Gift Tag

How to make a Gingerbread Man Gift Tag

Gingerbread Man Gift Tag

What you will need:

You will need :

White card
Ginger or brown felt
2 black brads
2 buttons
25cm ribbon
Ball point pen
Gingerbread man template
Hole punch

Step 1 - Find a cookie cutter or Gingerbread man picture to trace around onto card and cut out.

Step 2 -  Cut the white card to 7cm x 10 cm.  Trace the Gingerbread man template onto the felt using the pen.

Step 3 - Cut out the Gingerbread man using scissors.

Step 4 - Push through the Brads for eyes and glue on the buttons (these could be sewn on instead).

Step 5 - Mark the centre of one of the short sides for the ribbon and punch a hole in this spot.

Step 6 - Thread the ribbon through this hole to make a loop.

Step 7 - Glue your Gingerbread man into place on the front of your gift tag. Finished!

You could use other Christmas shapes such as trees, plum puddings or stockings to make other gift tags.

This tutorial is intended for personal use only!  Enjoy

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