Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some time away!

Yes, I am still here.  It has been busy in my household these past few weeks due to school holidays and some family trips away which has meant that Tied with a Ribbon also was on holidays!!!!

I spent some time in Melbourne with my sister and had a great time.  Much to her disgust the first stop on our trip was to a fabric shop!  I have not been to Gee-Jays in Melbourne before but fond some wonderful fabrics.  I picked out several fabrics and until pointed out by the lovely ladies there had not realised that I must have a thing for spots!

Some bright new colours that I have already cut into to make some treasures that have been in my head for a while waiting to be trialled and made.

So with some new fabrics and plenty of ideas I started about making this - can you guess what is on my mind?

There have been some other custom orders on the table this week with the start of a personalised cushion in these colours

So armed with some hand stitching to complete and Season 1 of Gossip Girl (don't judge!!!!) I have some work to do and pondering of a youth long since gone!!!


  1. The fabrics you chose are lovely! I'm thinking that's a rainbow you're making? I love rainbows so I'm looking forward to seeing what it beomes! :) x

  2. Love what you are doing Jay! We need to chat so I can plan some christmas gifts! Luckily I get home at the beginning of December! Dont be ashamed about Gossip Girl, I am watching the new season at the moment and love it! Kat xx


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