Wednesday, November 27, 2013


A while ago I started this quilt - Fireworks by Thimble Blossoms.  I had been wanting to use some 1930's reproductions for ages and I thought this quilt design would be a great showcase for these patterned prints.  

Well fast forward many, many months and while the quilt top did take a little time to come together I was definitely the hand quilting that took me ages.  As I was making the quilt top I started to think about how I was going to quilt it and it just shouted "Hand quilting" to me.  I love Perle 8 threads and these Fincca threads were just divine to stitch with.

I started to quilt each of the stars with the same colour thread a 1/4 inch in from the fabric.  I had not thought about it to start but as I continued to sew each block and as I had used a white backing fabric I had unintentionally made a design that now is such a feature of the Back of the quilt.  I think I love all the hand quilting just as much as the actual front.  You don't really see the hand quilting on the front of the quilt unless you are close up.

I don't often make quilts just because.  With no shortage around my home for something to snuggle under I usually like to make quilts with someone in mind and for an occasion or special celebration.

But this quilt I just made because.

And I must say I am pretty stoked with how it has all come together.

Jemima x 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Strawberry Social all finished

Well my Strawberry Social Quilt is now all finished.  I was so thrilled with how it all came together and the combination of the bright pinks and reds that my little girl chose.

I sent it away to be long arm machine quilted by Carol of the The Quilting Cottage and asked if she had a Strawberry design that could be quilted all over.

I made an extra Strawberry block and added into my backing - I always love to put an extra little detail or something in my backing - just for some interest.

This week the latest Christmas Issue of Tickle the Imagination Magazine was released.  I was very excited as in there was a tutorial I put together to make this Large Cushion.  I love seeing projects that I make put in print and love sharing with others ideas to get creative.

I made some time over the weekend for some sewing "just because".  I often have orders and deadlines for projects so it is nice once in a while and getting in my sewing to sew to make something for no other reason that I want to.  I let both my girls into my Liberty stash and they chose some beautiful fabrics for me to make them some bunting each for their rooms.  

Jemima x 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Attack the Scrap!

This is my scrap bucket!  Being somewhat OCD - when my scrap bucket looks like this - my heart starts to race a little.  So the best way to attack it is to make something right!  

It was actually my little girl who started to pull it apart and she pulled out these coloured groups of fabrics. There was obviously a lot of pink, purple, aqua and then prints that featured several of these colours in the bucket.

Taking some of my stashed Grey and White Sketch fabric I started to sew the fabrics randomly to the sides, across on a diagonal of the squares that I cut from the Sketch.  Pretty soon I had a large pile of squares all ready to be sewn together.  

I played around quite a bit with the arrangement of the blocks making lots of different patterns with the way the points matched or were apart.  

I settled on this pattern and then set about sewing the blocks up into rows to now have a small quilt top .

Now for a border.

On a side note- after sewing up so many of the fabrics I started to really dislike the word "scrap".  Many of the pieces of fabrics are the last little pieces of some of my favourite fabrics so I decided rather than a scrap quilt I am going to name it a Treasure Quilt.

Jemima x

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A finished Busy Bee Custom Order Quilt

I know it seems like I only do squares - I don't - it is just that lots of my last custom orders have all been squares and I just love them anyway.  This custom order quilt has now made it way to its new little owner that will be gifted for a special Christmas gift. 

I love the grey and white doily print in this quilt and teamed with modern prints like the chevron the colours of grey and yellow are so fresh.  I machine quilted it with straight lines to compliment the squares. 

And this just called out for stripy binding.

To add some detail into the backing I used this yellow and white Chevron print.

I love how these all roll up.

Jemima x 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Special Koala Quilt

What else could an Aussie family living abroad want on a quilt for a new baby on the way - Koala's of course!

If you remember a while back I was ordering some fabric from Spoonflower as I had had a special request for a quilt for a baby on the way with Koalas on it.  Almost thinking that there would be little chance of finding Koala fabric with greys and whites that would be suitable for a new baby I was proven wrong.  Knowing that I had not seen any in any shop around after checking on Spoonflower this Koala fabric could not have been more perfect.

I love that the gender of a baby is a surprise but keeping quilts gender neutral can be a little tricky. I cut the Koala fabric into large squares and then made up nine patches in matching fabrics to make up this quilt.  The backing is a Michael Miller fabric and just matched the greys, aquas and greens perfectly.

The Grey and white stripe Bias stripe binding is from Tasha Noel's Little Red Riding Hood range.

So after winging its way to the States this special order quilt has made it to its new home to be received by a new Baby Boy.  

Jemima x

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Working on some Custom orders!

Well the crazy busy that is school holidays (I love not having to make lunches) is over and now with the girls back at school it is time to get on with some orders.  So on the cutting table is this neat little pile of squares - shades of dark grey, light grey yellow and white.  

And all now sewn together for a little young lady for Christmas is the finished top ready for sandwiching and machine quilting.

Also going out this week were some more Personalised Santa Sacks for a little brother and sister.  I am sure Santa will be thrilled to fill these up on Christmas eve.

Jemima x 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Strawberries for my Sweet!

As soon as I saw this pattern I knew it had to be put on my "To Sew" list and be bumped right up to the top.  My younger daughter is and always has been in love with Strawberries.  Not only does she love to eat them but we have even celebrated birthdays with Strawberry Cakes and anything like ribbons or ornaments with strawberries on she is in love with.

Strawberry Social by The Pattern Basket is just so cute!

I put together a selection of reds and pinks for my little one to choose from and this was her selection - unlike me,  she from a young age has quite a good eye for colour.

So far I have started to put the blocks together.  

The piecing is a little tricky but not difficult.  The skill in this quilt is very much about the ironing!  The ironing of seams in the given directions is very important to have all the points of the stems and leaves of the strawberries lie nice and flat.

Loving how sweet this quilt is coming up so far.

Jemima x 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Melbourne Shopping Trip.

I was lucky enough to get away for a weekend with Hubby to Melbourne!  And of course that means lots of wonderful food, great shopping and of course heading to some of my favourite fabric stores on the other side of the country. So want to see what is in the bags?

Tessuti Fabrics is located right in the heart of Melbourne CBD - This is a beautifully modern Fabric store mostly specialising in dress, lace, wedding, linen and silk fabrics.  So here I picked up these lovely pieces of Liberty Tana Lawn to add to my collection and this stunning Voile which is destined for some summer scarves.

Clegs  also has a large range of specialty dress fabrics as well as a large range of Haberdashery and Wools and Yarns.  Here I picked up this stash of Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics and some quilting cotton that I thought would be great to fussy cut.  I started noticing a trend here in Melbourne - all my fabric at these two stores was torn rather than cut.  I personally feel a little upset at seeing fabric torn.  I love fabric and feel like it is not quite given the treatment it deserves.  I know that it is said that fabric is torn to get a better grain line on the fabric but I like the care of scissors or a rotary cutter.

My favourite place to visit was Luccello -this is a Vintage Haberdashery and Fancy Goods boutique.  And as you can see I found no shortage of stunning and beautiful fabrics and wares to take home.  Notably I just love the Vintage Linen lace I picked up as well as the Hand Dyed Valdani Thread.  Some beautiful Vintage Sack Cloth and lots of pieces of Liberty Tana Lawn were all just to hard to resist.  This store must be on the list for your next visit.  It is in a old Arcade that unless you knew it was there would be missed.  It has this "feel" about the store with treasures in every corner and so many beautiful fabrics, vintage haberdashery and felts.  I decided that I even had to go back for a second visit just in case there was something that I had not discovered the first visit.

Three stores to put on your list for when you visit Melbourne CBD!

Jemima x

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

In the Press!

Whilst walking through the airport terminal the other day I was excited to see the new issue of Handmade Magazine on the stands.  And there on the front cover is one of my Christmas projects - a Fabric and Felt Wreath!  Yay!

So upon my arrival home I was able to excitedly have a look through the pages and inside there are actually 3 of my Christmas projects featured.  Not only the Fabric and Felt Wreath but also a Christmas Baubles Applique Table Runner and a sweet Gingerbread House felt decoration. 

If you are wanting to get a start on some Christmas crafting then there are lots of great projects to inspire you in this months issue by many talented and crafty people. 

It is quite a buzz seeing the projects you yourself have made on the glossy pages of magazines.  And let me know if you make any of my projects - I'd love to hear from you!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Twin Safari Jungle Quilts for Twins

All finished this week and now on their way to 2 new bundles of joy!  These Jungle Safari cot quilts were a custom order made to tie win with a stunning mural that has be painted in the Nursery!  

Both almost identical except for a few squares here and there!  One binding was sewn in orange and the other in blue. 

It took much longer than usual for me to choose binding.  As I did not know when I was making them if the babies were girls or boys it was difficult to try and keep the binding neutral for any combination.  Eventually I settled on these Kona Solids to compliment and not distract from the quilts.

The backings are this cute Riley Blake fabric called "Life in the Jungle" - how fitting for these quilts.

The quilting was kept simple going with the direction of the squares to create a large grid.

Jemima x 
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