Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Attack the Scrap!

This is my scrap bucket!  Being somewhat OCD - when my scrap bucket looks like this - my heart starts to race a little.  So the best way to attack it is to make something right!  

It was actually my little girl who started to pull it apart and she pulled out these coloured groups of fabrics. There was obviously a lot of pink, purple, aqua and then prints that featured several of these colours in the bucket.

Taking some of my stashed Grey and White Sketch fabric I started to sew the fabrics randomly to the sides, across on a diagonal of the squares that I cut from the Sketch.  Pretty soon I had a large pile of squares all ready to be sewn together.  

I played around quite a bit with the arrangement of the blocks making lots of different patterns with the way the points matched or were apart.  

I settled on this pattern and then set about sewing the blocks up into rows to now have a small quilt top .

Now for a border.

On a side note- after sewing up so many of the fabrics I started to really dislike the word "scrap".  Many of the pieces of fabrics are the last little pieces of some of my favourite fabrics so I decided rather than a scrap quilt I am going to name it a Treasure Quilt.

Jemima x

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