Friday, October 14, 2022

Measure Once Mini Quilt pattern release

Little did I know that quite a number of years ago when I designed the "When Life gives your Scraps" mini Quilt that this would start the series of well loved Sewing quote Mini Quilts.  Today I am adding number 7 to the collection....

Introducing the Measure Once Mini Quilt.

This new fun to make, play on words Measure Once Mini Quilt is all about the pitfalls most of make at sometime in our sewing projects.  Now I know most people know the saying as "Measure Twice, Cut Once" but as I said this was a play on words and just as true!

This applique quilt features a pennant style shape that you can add to any sewing space, make for your friends or create for a Mini Quilt swap project.

There are options in this design as well to customise it to your preferences.  If you don't like the word - "cuss" you can use "cut", maybe you prefer scissors to make it for a garment making friend - well these are also included.  You can of course also place the wording in the more traditional order.  It's up to you.

I made this mini quilt using Tula Pink's Tiny Beasts collection.  It is a great scrap buster or for smaller pieces you have in your stash.  Applique it by hand or machine.

If you are new to Applique or would love some tips then you can head here to my blog post that has all my favourite and best Applique Tips and Tricks.

The second version I made with Tilda's latest collection - Hometown.  You can see in this version how I changed out the wording and the notions.  So fun to make this design your own.  

For wholesale customers you can purchase the Mini Quilt through Creative Abundance here.

I hope you enjoy making this mini quilt and adding it to your collection.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x

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