Monday, August 3, 2020

Love Triangle Quilt Pattern release!

I know you are not supposed to have favourites but I can't help it.  This is the most favourite Quilt Pattern I have designed to date! I am so excited to introduce the Love Triangle QuiltOriginally published in Love Patchwork and Quilting (Issue 83) the Love Triangle Quilt is now available as a stand alone Pattern.

The inspiration for this Quilt came after seeing some Graffiti in a Laneway in Melbourne City.  I saw a letter 'S' on the wall and it instantly took my interest for how I could make lettering work in a Quilt in a new and inspired way.  Once I looked at the letter for a while I realised that it could work so well made up of Equilateral Triangles.  Several months later back in my Studio I was sitting down with some grid paper and pencils determined to work this idea up into a Quilt.  I settled on the word LOVE after playing with lots of words because it is universal and it just had me so inspired.  Working up several different styles and with different layouts once I was happy I set about creating the design in fabric.

Love Triangle Quilt is modern, bold and a graphic style quilt made up of Equilateral Triangles.  The pattern includes 3 sizes - Mini (30.5in x 30.5in - 77.5cm x 77.5cm), Lap (66.5in x 66.5in - 169cm x 169cm) and Queen (96.5in x 96.5in - 245cm x 245cm). The pattern also contains a Colouring Page, Cutting Tags to keep track of your cut colours and a Paper Template to measure any existing Template you may have or to use on its own.
Whether you choose to make this design out of Solids or Prints this works so well with either.  

This Love Triangle (original) Quilt was made out of Tula Pink Solids - I just love the saturation and depth of colour that these Free Spirit Solids have.  This design works up best using dark and lighter shades to create the 3D effect.

A big thank you to Carol at The Quilting Cottage for her stellar Custom Quilting of this Quilt.  IT really has made this design pop and was just what I wanted for this Quilt.

And because I am always a sucker to design and make Mini Quilts, I could not help but work up the Tula Pink Solids to show just how cute the design looks as a Mini Quilt.

And to make the process of cutting out far more accurate as well as much quicker, I have Acrylic Templates available for all the Quilt sizes included in the pattern here

For Wholesale Customers you can purchase the Pattern and Templates through my Distributors at 

This Quilt really is so fun to make and I want to encourage you to give sewing Equilateral Triangles a go if you haven't before.  They are not as intimidating as they may seem and go together well once you have had a little practice.

And because this Quilt is so fun to make, there will be a Love Triangle Quilt Along starting on September 1st.  There will be lots of prizes and tips and tricks to share along the way.  If you are interested you can sign up for the 

For many years I have been dreaming that one of my patterns would be turned into a T-shirt design.  Well that day has come because the amazing team at Patchwork Threads have turned the Love Triangle Quilt into a Tee and I could not be more thrilled. This was really a "pinch me" moment as I am such a big fan of Patchwork Threads and their Tee's.  I already own six of their other quilting and sewing inspired ones and I can not wait for my Tee's to arrive to wear. The Vintage Navy colour is stunning against the bright colours of the letters and the Tri Blend fabric is so soft and comfy to wear.

And if you are looking for some amazing inspiration then just check out the #lovetrianglequilt Hashtag.  There you will find some absolutely spectacular Love Triangle Quilt versions made by my pattern testers. They really are such a valuable part of my pattern writing process and they show just how different one pattern can look in different prints and colours. Go check them out.  

Happy Quilting 
Jemima x x

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