Sunday, June 17, 2018

Aurora Quilt Sew-Along Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Aurora Quilt Sew-Along.  Now things start to get even more exciting as you will start to see your fabrics take their place and your design begin to form.  

There have been so many beautiful progress shots over at the #auroraquiltsewalong hashtags - be sure to check them all out.

Remember its not to late to join in the fun to make your own Aurora Quilt. You can join in at any point.

Making your First Quadrant
It was a big week 2 with lots of sewing and prepping your Half Square Triangles.  I assure you that trimming and making sure your HST's are square before you begin sewing them together will save you lots of grief and unpicking as you now come to sew them together to make your first quadrant.

Following your Pattern you have a Quadrant Layout guide.  This will help you to place your pieces in the correct position.

REMEMBER - if you are using fussy cut or directional fabrics that you may need to change the direction of the block to suit which quadrant you are making - so that you don't have upside down characters or so that your lines work nicely together.

Helpful Tips
I find it really helpful to use Row Markers when making my Quadrants.  There are lots of fancy ones available. But I have made my own - by taking a permanent marker and using some Clover Flower Head pins - I have written numbers on the flower heads and these are ever so handy to help me keep track of the rows.

Not sure of a Colour?
Once you have laid out all your colours you can sometimes see a colour may not work as well as you may have intended.  If this is the case for you - this is now the time to change out any colour you may not be happy with.  It is much quicker and easier to change out a colour fabrics at this point then later after having sewn them together.  

Sewing your First Quadrant
Begin working through the sewing the rows following the directions also for pressing seams - this will help reduce bulk.  

I have been busy making all of my HST's from my Spectacle fabric and have laid them out then shown as below.  

Because of the fabric I chose for the light purple centre squares (as shown in the pattern) rather than cut it into four pieces - I cut it as one 8.5in x 8.5in square so that the characters would be more dominant.  You can do this by cutting a square at the above dimensions and then sewing the first 3 rows together, then sewing rows 4 to 5 in two parts placing the larger centre square between the rows and then completing by sewing rows 6, 7 and 8.  

Aurora Quilt Inspiration

Image thanks to @septembers_delight

Image thanks to @mashie_v

Image thanks to @sewstitchinghappy

This week our Sponsor of the Aurora Quilt Sew-Along is Quilters Candy Box

Elizabeth has this whole prize pack up for grabs for the winner of Week 3 of the Sew-Along.  So to be in the running - make sure to post your progress to the Hashtags - #auroraquiltsewalong and #auroraquilt

Happy Quilting 
Jemima x 

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