Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hexie Love Actually Oceans Blanket

Back in March this year I started this Hexie Love Actually Blanket by Bonnie of Pink Stitches.  I had long been a fan of Bonnie's work over in Instagram and just amazed at the stunning blankets that she makes.  You should go over and check out her work - you will be blown away.  During my back surgery earlier this year, this crochet blanket was just what I needed to help relax and recover.  Little did I know just how addicted to these crochet hexagons I would become.

My young Godson will be gifted this blanket later this year for his birthday.  He has watched as I crochet and always asked if I would make him a blanket of his own so I knew that he would just love this mix of Blues and Greens.

(DK 80% Cotton, 20% Wool)
Hook - Clover 4.5mm (7)
Diameter of each Hexie - 3.5in
Size - 41in x 52in (104cm x 132cm)
Total number - 217 Hexagons
Weight - 1.25kg (approx 13 balls)

I have long been a fan of this Cotton Fleece as for kids blankets it is nice and soft.  The cost is economical for a 100gm ball and the range of colours if great.  I love working with Cotton and although it can tend to split a bit - just as most cotton will - I actually really love the finished look and texture that it creates.

I was very quickly "hooked" on these hexes and could not get enough - making them in the car while I was waiting for kids to finish activities, in the doctors waiting rooms, on the couch, at the park - anywhere. While the blanket is Join-as-you-go it is actually quite a portable project as you make the rounds in the varying colours and then these can be joined later.

I absolutely enjoyed making this blanket and already have plans for the next one, and even the one after that!

Happy crocheting!
Jemima x x


  1. Hi. Im making this blanket too (just started joining hexies)...could you please tell me how you joined them? Random direction? In circles? Across the width? In lengths? Im not sure if it matters or whether one way is better than another! I would appreciate your thoughts. thanks. Sandy B


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