Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spell-It-With-Moda Q-A-L Birthday Celebrations

It is my turn today to celebrate Moda's - ABC Birthday Quilt-Along.  What a great fun way to completely personalise and make a quilt just for the person you are making it for.  Whether you are making your favourite phrases, words, names or the alphabet itself this is a great pattern with lots of possibilities to create.  

Getting started is easy with just a Jelly Roll (and seriously who doesn't have one of these they are hoarding), some background fabric and the "Spell it with Moda" pattern booklet (available from your local quilt store or online).

As you may know I love reds and blues and I am a Bonnie and Camille fan and have adored the work of Camille's for many years.  So  their latest range - "Vintage Picnic" was the perfect choice for me to create some letters and decide on what I wanted my quilt to say and get sewing.  

We are expecting some new arrivals this year and already knowing what gender they are - as a quilt maker certainly helps to decide what to make.  So with a precious baby girl soon to arrive I decided I wanted to celebrate this wonderful new little lady.

G is for Girl

The pattern is easy to read and they letters came together really quickly.  Using the Jelly roll cuts down on lots of cutting and using a fabric strip per letter made for simple cutting.

My plan - the lettering "Sweet Baby Girl" which I want to feature in the centre of the quilt.  I am going to put background fabric around the letters to make them sit centrally and then filler blocks around as a border.  

You can check out the hash tag - #spellitwithmoda for heaps of ideas and inspiration from makers and by the way these letters are totally addictive.  I have found myself even thinking I may use them as an ABC quilt instead with all the letters.  

Happy Sewing
Jemima x  

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