Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Green Tea and Sweet Beans Quilt Progress Update

I have busily working away (in among other projects) on the blocks for my Green Tea and Sweet Beans Quilt by Jen Kingwell

Orange Peels

Double Drunkards Path

Hexagon Panel

Tulip Blocks

Day Lily


Flower Blocks

Applique Block 2

This quilt certainly has been a challenge.  The original pattern is mainly hand pieced and needle turn but I decided to stick with my strengths and use methods that I felt more comfortable with and knew I was better at.  There were definitely blocks outside my comfort zone and making all the templates from paper meant having to be very accurate but I am loving being pushed to work for this quilt.  

I used a "cheats method" of Needle turn for the Igloos and Orange Peels but decided to hand blanket stitch the flowers instead as I felt my Needle turn wasn't the best.  But in saying that the teacher in me would say that there is only one way to get better at techniques.  

So far I am loving how this quilt is coming together.  The individual blocks are filling up my design board and I think it was a very smart idea to go with the Starter Kit from Westwood Acres.  It was great to have a place to start and keep some continuity throughout the blocks of the quilt.  

Jemima x x

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