Monday, May 28, 2012

An empty slate!

Well some exciting progress - I have finally finished all the projects that have been lurking in the deep dark depths of my cupboards!!! Yeah - not only does that equal a whole lot of satisfaction for me but I guess that means now I can start lots of new projects!  Such a wonderful never ending creative cycle!  These scrappy squares have finally been all sewn together to make a sweet little lap quilt.

I had made a few extra blocks but decided on the smaller size in the end for a little lady!

And I could not go past this multi-coloured striped fabric that just went beautifully for the binding.

This Liberty Bliss scarf went to a dear friend this week to celebrate her birthday!  I love this pattern and now having made a few still think every time that they all look very different with colours picked for their new owners just especially.  I love the Rowan hand knit cotton for this scarf - it is just the right weight.

I have one happy miss eight with the hexagons I had been working on all finished and sewn together.  I made a few more than I had initially planned as I just wanted to make it that little bit bigger as a great snuggle blanket. 

To trim the edges I used the white to double crochet around the edge and then two of miss eight's favourite colours from the blanket for the final two double crochet rows around the edging.

These birds are for a very special God daughter of mine.  they are going to make a quilt that is inspired by stars.  I have only the hanging strip left to sew on this wall quilt so I will hopefully have some more pictures for you soon.

This quilt is our newest project for our Sew Along classes.  It is a Log cabin quilt sashed with silver satin and with some Liberty fabrics to give this quilt just a little luxury.  If you have been to learn to sew then check out our Workshops for all the upcoming classes.

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