Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A long, long long time ago ......

A long, long long time ago last year I was keen to learn to crochet.  I took on a project from a Better Homes and Gardens Mag and thought - sure I can do this!  Well - totally overestimating my abilities I ended up with close to 300 squares of varying sizes (as per the pattern instructions) and well they just wouldn't come together.  Since taking a few classes I have learned about so many of the mistakes that were plaguing my blanket but not wanting to just set aside the squares as a bad mistake - I have persevered and came up with an alternative version. 

My blanket is now 48 squares  - all the same size.  I made some of the smaller squares larger and vice versa to end up with a blanket that I am actually quite happy with.

All this Brown Sheep Cotton fleece came from Tangled Yarns and was lovely to work with.  I love the range of colours available and the matt look to the cotton rather than a fluffy texture you get from wool.

Aside from dabbling in some crochet I have been quilting too - this quilt is a cot size quilt that I have named Rainbow Fizz and is one of the projects for Term 2 Sewing classes together with Claire Turpin Design.  After using a Kona Solids Charm pack from Pink Chalk as the inspiration I set to turn the squares into triangles.

I added in some white homespun and then hand quilted all the white squares in a co-ordinating Cosmo thread.

Also finished recently was this Music Box - Oliver and S dress.  My little one just loves it and it can't be washed and ironed quickly enough. 

And with Easter coming up I have been busy hand sewing lots of cute little Bouncing Bunnies which make great gifts at Easter time - especially as alternatives to chocolates and as great presents for all the teachers.  You can get your hands on some in my Etsy Store.

But if you are feeling crafty or want to get the kids involved you can buy kits to make them for yourselves


  1. i love your rainbow fizz, I love the quilting, excellent!

  2. Like the rainbow fizz -- very cute for a little one with all the colors - good work !}

  3. Your quilting is exquisite, and makes me want to go quilt right away! But no chance I can get so perfect! Beautiful quilt by the way!

  4. I think your rainbow fizz quilt is very beautiful! what size are your (hst) squares? What is cosmo thread? I'm just started quilting & would like to make a quilt like yours. Do you have a picture that shows the whole quilt? I'd love to see that. Thanks!

    1. Hi Priscilla - so glad you like it. I actually have a pattern for this quilt - it is listed here in my Etsy store -

      Cosmo thread is a brand of Stranded Embroidery thread from Japan. I think it is the best available that I have used. Hope that all helps. Happy quilting


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