Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Holiday Time

I hope you all have had a wonderful Easter break with your family and friends.  Our little family went away Camping.  I have not had so many days away from my trusty sewing machine in a long time so the break was a good recharge.  I did not think to much at all about all things Tied with a Ribbon but spent the days amongst wineries and spending time with hubby and the girls.  I do admit though in amongst loads and loads of washing upon our return home I did have a sneak peak in my sewing room to make sure all was just as I had left it. 

From my last post it was great to hear from some of you about the Scrappy Block Tutorial.  I love reading your comments so thank you for taking the time to have a "chat". I promised I would show you the next blocks I have completed and here they are. 

Sadly though there are no more to date - once I emerge from all the washing I hope to add to this pile instead.  I have never felt the need to make a Picnic rug.  The thought of putting down on the ground a handmade treasure has been a little more than I can bear but since working on these blocks I can't wait to be invited to a Picnic when Spring arrives!

With the girls home for holidays I am sure there will be lots of crafting going on over the next week.  I have bought some children's sewing/stitching books which I am so keen to get working on with the girls.

One of these is "Embroidery for the Little Miss Crafty"  by Helen Dardik

Embroidery for Little Miss Crafty: Projects and patterns to create and embellish (Little Miss Crafty)

This book is full of wonderful projects for the girls and has lots of instructions on stitching and with lots of modern projects to make like Mobile phone covers.  I went over and discovered her blog - Orange You Lucky  the other day and was delighted at all the colourful illustrations and work that Helen does.  There were so many things to look at and I even found this Pattern to download for a beautiful Bunny

Although Easter is over I am sure I can stretch out the Bunny theme for a little while longer.

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