Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stitching for a new baby

My oldest and dearest childhood friend recently shared the news that they are expecting a special new arrival. Baby number 2.  Well this means of course that such news needs to be celebrated with some special stitching.  This beautiful baby block is from the Melly and Me range and was so delightful to stitch.  I loved the pre-printed panel and the instructions were very clear and easy to work through.  I love hand sewing - I find it relaxing and such a great way to spend time in the evening. 

This is the finished block and it is so sweet - it even has a rattle inside.  So whether baby is a boy or girl I hope this little treasure will be played with and loved.

Easter eggs were on the agenda this week (apologies for the shocking photo quality - but is was late at night and the lighting very bad - but more on that later).  I am getting ready for the build up to Easter and Perth Upmarket is only 5 short weeks away.

I am in the midst of getting a tutorial together to make these Easter Eggs.  The photos are done and the pattern made, just waiting on some supplies and over the next week or so will upload the Easter Egg Tutorial to this blog.  I will also have some kits to go with the Tutorial available (in a limited quantity) to make three Easter Eggs.  These will be available shortly in my Etsy Shop and also available on the day of Perth Upmarket.  If however you prefer to buy them ready made you can from here.

Now, I know what things I can do well - but I am even more aware of the things that I can't or just seem to try at but always come up short.  Well I have made a list (you know how I love lists!)  of the things that I need to work on and improve at so I have decided MAKE more time for these things.  Top of the list at the moment is taking bettter photos.  I have just a simple digital camera but at the end of the day my photos just let me down so I have invested in this new baby.

Isn't it lovely.  Now once I figure out how to use it my photos should start to get much, much better.  I have had some help with some photography tips (thanks Dad and Justine!) and by next post my photos should just blow you away (hah - good in theory).  So off to read a big manual and report back next week with some progress. 


  1. The baby toy is so sweet! I'm sure it will be treasured forever. The easter eggs look great too! The camera is very fancy, I like mine, but starting to think that I may need to buy a better one too! :) x

  2. The baby toy is already treasured by the baby's mum and I know my little boy or girl will treasure it as much as I do. It is already in the baby's room waiting to be played with. Thank you again Jemima, I love it.


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