Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It seems a while!

It seems a while since I have last blogged and while it is in my head to do everyday, the days seem to keep passing me by.  So whilst I know there are other things that I should be doing they will be there in the morning!  With both of my girls on school holidays the craft room has been in full swing.  So if you will indulge me a little this post will be about what my girls and some other young ladies have been doing. 

Miss 6 (nearly 7!!) is often quite happy just to sit and be in the room with Miss 8 and myself and will participate for a while - she will happily cut out oodles of fabric (good thing they have their own scrap bucket) but often tends to loose interest in all things sewing - well not the other day.  She was like a powerhouse - I should have possibly employed her.  First she wanted to make a Strawberry Felt badge - so this she did and I mostly was impressed not only at the end result but that she actually finished a project.  Here is her finished strawberry.
A short while later she said that I had promised to make her bunting for her room!  Whilst I had I didn't exactly mean at that particular point in time.  So knowing that anything I was doing was going to go south at that point with her constant reminders I said to her to pick some fabrics that she liked that would go with her room.  Miss 6 has a thing for colour - she can put colour together really well and I often marvel at how little time it takes her to put together such good selections.  With some gorgeous Phillip Jacobs - Pom Pom Dahlias as her main choice we cut and sewed some Bunting for her room.  The photo of the stack of flags below was even taken by her (she loves taking snaps!)

We of course had to immediately hang the new Bunting and now a room makeover is on the cards.

Miss 8 spent this entire time on her own projects - she does not need as much supervision and can read instructions for patterns now quite well.  She wanted to make some felt ornaments to go onto her school bag.  Without any help she cut and sewed this collection of characters. 

Most of you will know that I love getting children involved in sewing, crafting, cooking etc.  In the holidays I had some kids come and participate in some workshops.  We had a great time making and sewing some felt cupcakes and ice creams and all the girls laughed, shared stories and made friends as they made their "sweet treats".  Here are some of the finished items that look good enough to eat

Just as I developed a love of sewing and crafts as a child I hope these children will continue to explore these talents as they grow up.

I started on a new sewing project myself this week.  This Kaffe print is one of my favourite fabrics and I am slowly running out of the last of this that I have.

 Are you still there ? This was a long post wasn't it. 

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