Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A busy week of catch up

After all the time off, this week has been a busy week of trying to make my list of "To Do's" into "Dones"!  What started off as a very long list and a frantic panic on my behalf  has slowly been whittled away.  So often I know exactly what is to be finished off in my head and so I start making my way through it only to be side tracked by other projects along the way - usually of the making and sewing variety rather than off the paper work completing.  So after some helpful advice by Justine (thanks Justine!) I have been crossing off items on my written list. 

Last post I showed you a sneak at what I have been creating and yes I have had rainbows on my mind.  Introducing my new Hairclip Hangers.

These Hairclip Hangers have just been listed in my Etsy Shop.  These Hairclip Hangers are a great way to tidy up all those draws and boxes of clips and ribbons onto one cute neat and tidy accessory.  You can keep all your pairs of clips together down the sides and ribbons tie onto the centre sewn ribbon. These would make sweet gifts for young girls for presents or with Christmas just around the corner. 

Also just listed in my Etsy Shop are Plum Pudding Felt Kits

With Christmas just around the corner there is still plenty of time to make these to decorate and trim your tree this year.

I have also been working on some other orders this week.  One custom order was for a Halloween twist on my Party Bags.  So with some not too scary ghosts and the request for velvet some children will have an extra sweet surprise this Halloween.

And this special package has been posted with more to come once it is received at its new home !!!!


  1. Yay - that very parcel arrived in my letterbox today - THANK YOU!!

  2. Love the hairclip hangers - great idea and so cute!


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