Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Easter Stitching

With Easter just around the corner I have been busy stitching and creating Easter Treats of the non-fattening variety. With many little ones that we give to at Easter time, chocolate seems to be in abundance so I like to give gifts that last a little longer. Lots of felt bunnies have been waiting to be made.

I have been working on a few special orders in the theme of "Easter Hat Parades". I can remember as a kid all the time spent preparing and creating such hats with my brothers and sisters and it delights me that the tradition still stands.

It is also my younger daughters birthday next week so I have been sewing Party Bags. The fabric with the doughnuts on it was just calling to made into lolly bags for the kids to take home. It looks just delicious.


  1. That fabric is just beautiful and it will look so great as party bags.

  2. I pop in here from Suzanne's blog. Love to see someone always busy creating something beautiful!


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