About Me

Welcome to Tied with a Ribbon - I'm Jemima Flendt. Since I can remember I have always been around fabrics and crafts.  My grandmother used to teach me to crochet and mum was always making at her sewing machine.  I have grown up to love and be inspired by all things fabric, textiles, buttons, ribbons and embellishments. 

I started quilting when I was about 16 - making quilts from leftover scraps from Mum's sewing projects.  I was quickly hooked and then started to take classes to learn all about different quilting techniques and skills. 

Today I design and create Quilt and Sewing Patterns for my label Tied with a Ribbon.  These are distributed throughout Australia and Internationally.  My first book - Weekend Quilting was published in 2017 and my second book will be out in late 2018.  I teach workshops and classes in Quilting and am very passionate about introducing people to quilting and sewing.  I contribute regularly to a large number of Publications and Magazines throughout the world and have developed a series of Online Courses published through The Quilting Company.

Contact me at:    tiedwitharibbon@gmail.com


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