Sunday, March 17, 2019

End Game Quilt Sew Along - Week 2

What an amazing start we have gotten off to with the End Game Quilt Sew Along - it is so exciting to see so many fabric pulls showing up already.  I am seriously in love with lots of these that they make me want to make another one - or ten!  Have you checked out the #endgamequilt and #endgamequiltsewalong hashtags?

It's certainly not too late at all to join in the fun at all.

You can get all the details for the End Game Quilt Sew Along here

Post your pics for this weeks prompt - "Cutting your Fabrics" on Instagram to - #endgamequilt#endgamequiltsewalong and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.  It also helps to tag me  - @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post.

Week 2 - Cutting your Fabrics

Now that you have chosen your fabrics, this week is all about cutting into them.  So let's have a chat about anything you need to take into consideration before chopping them up.

1 - ENSURE your Pattern Template is printed out at the Correct size - if you are using the pattern Template page provided in the Pattern - you MUST make sure this is printed at 100% on your Printer.  There is a 1in Test Square - measure it and make sure it is 1in - if it is not you need to check the settings on your Printer.  Do NOT print out at "Fit to Page" or "Scale to fit" - it must be printed out at 100% to make sure your Triangle measures 8.5in or 3in.  If you are using my Template Set - this does not apply to you and if you are using a Top Trimmed or other Equilateral Triangle it is a good idea to lay this onto top to check the sizing.

2 - I highly suggest you cut a few test Triangles first from some scrap fabric to ensure you have the correct sizing for you Equilateral Triangles.  As mentioned in the pattern - not all Equilateral Triangles have the same measurement markings on the.  Some are "Top Trimmed" some are not.  So unless you are using my Template set - PLEASE make and sew a few test Triangles first with the correct seam allowance to ensure you have the correct sizing before you cut into your yardage.  It is better to make sure the width of the Triangles is correct before cutting them all.

3 - Directional Fabrics - as mentioned in the Week 1 Blog Post, directional fabric are not accounted for in the fabric requirements.  So if you are choosing a directional fabric you may need to consider sourcing more fabric to account for this if you want your fabric to run directionally.  I have worked with several directional prints before with an End Game Quilt and just not placed them directionally.  So you can certainly still use them - either directionally or mixed in.

End Game Quilt Fabric cutting pic by @jackiegillies

Cutting Tags 
Included in your pattern are Cutting Tags.  These are designed to assist you keep everything all sorted once you decide which fabrics will be which and then to make sure you cut the correct number as you work.

End Game Quilt Fabric Tags pic by @cecivas

My End Game Quilt - Alison Glass - Sunprint 2019 fabrics from the Pink Door Fabrics Kit

Fussy Cutting

When I was having this pattern tested by some makers, this amazing End Game Quilt Mini was made by Laura Piland at Slice of Pi Quilts.  Well, to say I was blown away by this was an understatement. 

Laura has put together some more details of how she went about working on this Mini with Fussy Cutting as a way to create amazing detail in the pattern.

A massive thank you to Laura for putting together this Tutorial so that you can see how you can go about Fussy Cutting for yourself. I am sure you will agree this End Game Quilt is exceptional.


Check out these sweet fabric pull pics from the #endgamequilt Hashtag this week

End Game Quilt fabric pull by @clothandcresent

End Game Quilt fabric pull by @sarah_slowly_quilts

End Game Quilt fabric pull by @scrapstudio

End Game Quilt fabric pull by @teezsewcrafty

This week we have some amazing prizes up for winning from our Sponsors

Two people will each win one Custom set of 2 Binding Babies (1 large and 1 small each) from Doohikey Designs (picture is an example only)

A "Kicks" Fat Quarter Bundle (Cotton and Steel) thanks to Sew Mondo 

So to be in the running post your pics from the weeks prompt on Instagram to - #endgamequilt#endgamequiltsewalong and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.  It also helps to tag me - @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

End Game Quilt Sew Along - Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the End Game Quilt Sew Along.  I am really excited you have decided to join in and make your very own End Game Quilt.  This Sew Along is designed to be casual and relaxed so that you can have heaps of fun, meet new quilty friends and be inspired by all the #endgamequilt that will be made during the Sew Along.  There are prizes up for grabs each week from some amazing Sponsors and I will be here to give tips, tricks or helpful details for you to successfully finish your End Game Quilt.

If you are wanting to join in - it's not too late at all (you can join in at any point).  To participate all you need to join in is

2. Sign up for the weekly End Game Quilt Sew Along Newsletter here

3. Post your pics from the weeks prompts on Instagram to - #endgamequilt, #endgamequiltsewalong and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.  It also helps to tag me - @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post.

All the details can be found here at this Blog Post for what you will need to get started.

Week 1 - Selecting your Fabric
This weeks task is all about selecting and choosing the fabric you would like to make your Quilt from. Post a pic to Instagram, using the above hash tags of your fabric pull or quilt planning to show us what you will be making your End Game Quilt from and to be in the running for this weeks prizes. (NOTE - do not post full colouring pages PLEASE!)

This is where the sky is the limit - whether you choose Solids or Prints this quilt works.  You can grab fabrics from your stash or use a collection.  

While I have made my original End Game Quilt from Tula Solids (fabric colours used are listed in the pattern) I also have made one from Forage by Anna Graham and Mini's using Tula Pink's Zuma collection as well as fabrics in my Carolyn Friedlander stash.

If you are looking for inspiration for fabrics then head to the #endgamequilt hash tag.  There you will see lots of different fabrics that have been used so far to make End Game Quilts.

Solids work so well for this Quilt and the choices of different Fabric Company Solids  is huge.  I have included in the pattern the names of the Tula Pink Solids I used but you can pick any colour scheme you like for this.  One way to do this is head over to Pinterest and search Colour Palettes - this gives you lots of boards with a selection of colours already that co-ordinate and work well together.  From here you can pick and choose solids for any colour palette you like.

For this quilt - multi directional prints work best and are easiest - You can use small scale prints that really give the cohesive look to how many triangles read as one large triangle. Or large scale prints like big florals are also fabulous as these really stand out due to the size of the Triangles.

Directional Prints - you can certainly use directional prints - HOWEVER be aware that as you cut the Triangles along your width of fabric (WOF) that one will be right side up and the other upside down as you cut along the fabric due to the triangle shape.  So if you are wanting to match directional fabrics then you will need to allow for extra fabric when you purchase. 

Fabric pull by @spoolsandspice

Fabric pull by @cecivas

Fabric pull by @jackiegillies

Colouring In Page
Included in the pattern is a Colouring Page - simply print out or copy this page from your pattern and grab your colouring in pencils.  This is designed to help you plan out and play with the colours and fabrics until you have a colour palette you are happy with.  

Other tools that may be helpful in planning out your colour palette might be colour cards of swatch samples.

Planning by @melissakquilts

Fabric and Colour Inspiration
Check out these End Game mocks ups from Pink Door Fabrics - these give you a great visual for some popular and new fabrics that are available to make your End Game Quilt with.  

Tattooed North by Libs Elliot

You can find a full extensive list for End Game Quilt Kits (for both Full and Mini Quilts) from stores located in both Australia and the US here if you are keen on having the fabrics already picked for you.

This week we have 2 prizes up for grabs from our Sponsors

First up is this Curated Quilts Magazine thanks to Troll Brothers Quilt Designs
And we also have this End Game Pouch thanks to Sarah Ashford Studio

So to be eligible for this weeks prizes - make sure to post your pics of your Fabric Pull or Fabric Planning on Instagram to - #endgamequilt, #endgamequiltsewalong and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns.

I hope you enjoy making your End Game Quilt with us.
Happy Quilting 
Jemima x 
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