Friday, November 8, 2019

A Darlings Confetti Quilt

A little earlier this year a Fat Quarter Bundle of Darlings came my way - actually it wasn't by chance or sent to me but from a friend who had purchased it at Spring Market for me.  
Darlings is the "re-boot" collection by Ruby Star Society of all their old favourites which you have had in your stash previously but now brought to you by Moda Fabrics.  So if you have seen a few of these prints before and wondered these are not new - you are not crazy to think you have seen these before.

When I got the Darlings Collection in my hand - I do admit to being somewhat well outside my comfort zone.  There were lots of colours I don't use alot and prints that I wasn't immediately drawn to.  However after a little bit, I untied the beautiful black and gold embossed ribbon to reveal colours and designs that I was now finding a new love for.   And then I was absolutely smitten.

The characters and designs are just gorgeous. There are Tigers, Mustangs, Eggs, Hedgehogs, Octopi, Strawberries, Stars, Tangram shapes and Thistles among theses new colour ways.  Along with the most spectacular metallic accents in golds, pinks and rose gold - I mean seriously the metallic prints are some of my favourite in the collection.

While it tool me a little bit to work out as soon as I realised that these Darlings were calling to be made into a Confetti Quilt  - then I was cutting and sewing like no tomorrow. 

And you guys know that I take matching my nails to my work very seriously right!

While working on this Quilt I took a little video that shows my Continuous Corner Binding Technique that I always love sharing with you.  You can check out the FULL Tutorial here.

And nothing beats a little location shoot - I actually travelled away to Melbourne just after having made this Darlings Confetti Quilt.  These pics were snapped by my sister @felicitystylesphotography while down at the beach in Torquay.

This Confetti Quilt was so much fun to make.  I love the Zip fabric I used for the Binding (by Rashida Coleman for Ruby Star Society) which I cut on the Bias to get the stripe to run in that direction.

Darlings ships to stores in November so get ready friends for the cutest characters in town.

Big thanks to Tracey Berkmortel Photography for all the amazing Studio Shots.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How to Pattern Match your Quilt Backing Fabrics

For me – never, ever has the back of the quilt been “just the back”!  So much effort, time, fabric, money and love goes into the front that I certainly like to put plenty of thought into the backing, to make the perfect finishing touch to a quilt.  The backing can be just as much a part of the design of the quilt and make your quilt even more versatile.

When you are joining 42” Quilting Cotton and you have used a substantially printed fabric, pattern matching this joining seam will result in a better looking back.  

If the pattern is a busy small floral or a polka dot, then I usually don’t pattern match these types of prints.  However, if you are using for example a large 1” dot print, floral, novelty or check print then it is worth joining these by pattern matching to give a professional finish to your quilt backing.

When you are purchasing 42in wide fabric you will first need to decide if the print is directional.  Ascertain which way the direction of the fabric runs and how you will want this to run, according to your quilt top.  You will then need to purchase fabric according to the length or width of your fabric depending on the direction of the print.

Pattern matching usually requires the purchase of additional yardage.  This is to allow for matching up where the pattern runs so that you can line up the pattern with the pattern repeat in the print of the fabric. I will usually buy between 1/3yd – ½yd extra depending on the size of the pattern repeat, to allow for pattern matching of my backing fabric.

How to Pattern Match 42in Fabric 
Check Fabric Example

1. Measure the Quilt top so you know its dimensions.  Cut your first length of 42in backing fabric at least 8in longer than your quilt top. Do not cut your second piece of 42in quilting fabric as this is the piece you will use to line up the pattern.

2. Cut the selvedges off the first backing fabric piece.

3. Measure and fold over ½in of the raw long edge of your first cut length of backing fabric. If you are using a check print– fold back a full check. Press this fold.

4. Take your second backing piece (the longer piece) and then using your first piece line up the fold on the pattern repeat.  This may take a little time to find the repeat and your extra fabric will mean you can move it forward of your first piece till you have it in the correct position. Therefore, it is important to have extra fabric.

5. Once you have your pattern lined up – open out the folded edge of your first piece and then pin the seam in place along the folded line.  Pin generously.

6. Sew along the pressed fold line of your backing fabric, removing the pins before you come to them. Take time to ensure your seam is nice and straight. 

7. Trim back both the seams to ½in and press the seam open. 

While it takes longer and requires more fabric the result is always worth the extra effort and time.

Here are some other examples of Pattern matching I have done for backing fabrics - which admittedly I actually do quite often to get the perfect finish to a quilt.  

When pattern Matching other designs like below you may not need nearly as many pins as I used with the check fabric.  Pin at points in the design that you really need to match up.  With the check fabric example there are more places you want to have it match exactly than a more patterned print.  

In this example with the Love Hearts - I was able match directly through the background white fabric as this was a directional print.

This Christmas fabric was the inspiration for the Quilt top colours and was a perfect fabric for the Quilt Back. It was a busy print that worked well.

I pattern matched this fabric because it was too short a piece, I was able to use the extra length of this fabric to cut out a second piece to pattern match to make the required size.

So don't be afraid to give it a go - it is most certainly worth the little extra time and effort to  pattern match your backing Fabric when using 42in wide fabrics.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Summer Sampler 2019 - Twist and Turn Block

Welcome to the Summer Sampler 2019 - Piecing Bootcamp.  I am so excited to have  designed this weeks block - "Twist and Turn" focusing on Equilateral Triangles.  Equilateral Triangles can be a block that is considered tricky and difficult to sew.  I'm here today to share a few of my best tips for tackling and triumphing over Equilateral Triangles so that you are confidant to take on more in your future.

Tip 1 - Cutting your Fabrics. When it comes to cutting out your fabrics you need to ensure that you have printed out the template at the correct size.  Your Template Triangles should measure 3in.  

Tip 2 - When cutting out,  it is important to take your time and cut accurately.  With Equilateral Triangles the more precise and care given at each stage will ensure that everything comes together nicely.

Tip 3 - Pinning Matters - when it comes to matching up and sewing your rows together.  Here is one way to help line up those points.

Step 1 - Once your rows are sewn together (as per the pattern instructions), to line up the points as perfectly as possible - match the rows right sides together. Then slightly open up along the raw edges of where your sewn seam line will run and match the Points here at 1/4in. Don't just assume you have everything magically perfect to sew along the 1/4in raw edge seam line.  Take the time to match each triangle tip.

Step 2 - Place a pin on an angle at the 1/4in mark where you will sew your seam.

Step 3 - Pin all the triangle points, matching carefully and then pinning along the row.  Sew the seam ENSURING to take out your pins just before you get to them. This is where if you have nice Fine pins the aligned fabrics are not disturbed by shifting bulky pins.  
(NEVER sew over Pins!) 

Step 4 - Stand back and admire your perfect alignment of your Triangle points.

With these simple tips you will have less fear for the Equilateral Triangle block and I hope it inspires you to get sewing with other Equilateral Triangle Quilt Patterns.

I am very excited to see all the Twist and Turn blocks you create as part of the Summer Sampler 2019.  Make sure to check out the IG hashtag #summersampler2019 to follow along.  
Happy Quilting

Saturday, August 17, 2019

10 small Tips that make a BIG difference to your Quilting!

When it comes to Quilting - whether you are new to Quilting or have been doing it for many years here are my favourite small tips that will help to make a BIG difference.

TIP 1 - Check your 1/4in seam allowance.  Accuracy is very important in Quilting.  Double check your seam allowance actually measures 1/4in.  Different brands of machines actually sew at different sized 1/4in seams.  Investing in a 1/4in foot for your sewing machine will help.

TIP 2 - Always pin before you sew. It will help you align your seams to avoid having to un-pick mis-aligned seams.

TIP 3 - Change your sewing needle every 8 hours (or new Quilt top).  This will ensure your needle is sharp and avoid any skipping or pulled stitches.

TIP 4 - Set your Seams.  When pressing, press the sewn seam flat first then press it in the direction you need it to lay.  This will achieve a straighter seam.

TIP 5 - If you are new to Quilting making smaller projects is a great way to build confidence and skills.  Pillows, Mini Quilts, Table Runners are perfect to get you inspired.

Weekend Quilting is filled with small projects to make

TIP 6 - Make sure to read Instructions all the way through before you begin.  It will help you to understand where you are headed, what supplies you will need to organise before you begin and will step you through each stage with ease.  

TIP 7 - Organise yourself and your workspace before you begin a project for example make sure you have all the notions you need, pre wind your bobbins, iron your fabrics before you begin cutting.  All these things will help keep you moving through your project rather than lots of stopping and starting.

TIP 8 - When you are making blocks such as Half Square Triangles (HST's) or Flying Geese (if the pattern doesn't already account for it) slightly oversize the blocks so that you can trim them down accurately to size.

TIP 9 - Take a class at your Local Quilt Store or Online classes.  Getting some help and advice is a great way to learn more as well as meeting like minded creative people.

TIP 10 - Choose good quality fabrics and notions - you will enjoy making your projects so much more without frustration from inferior notions or poor quality sewing equipment.  Buy the best your budget can afford.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x 

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Tilda Plum Garden Showcase

Tilda fans will once again be excited with the release of the brand new collection - Plum Garden.  Very true to style - these sweet florals and delicate prints have been paired with wonderful blenders for this new range.  Featuring sweet florals, little ducks and paisley prints, Plum Garden will be a Tilda lovers dream. Thanks to Tilda Australia and 2 Green Zebras for asking me to Showcase these beautiful fabrics.

I was immediately drawn to the blue fabrics in this range and so paired them up with some of the Tilda Tiny Dots to make a Baby version of my Big Blocks Quilt.  So fresh and modern for any baby or toddler.  

Big Blocks Quilt is a pattern designed to showcase your fabrics to the max while making your quilt in a flash.  The size of the blocks means you have a quilt together in not time and perfect to show off beautiful prints such as these Plum Garden fabrics.  In the Plum Garden collection is this really lovely Dot print called - Tilda Plum Dot Dove White.  This made the perfect fabric for the back of this Baby Quilt.

I love the mix of scale in these prints from tiny florals to larger blooms and paisley.

Just perfect for a new little arrival or as a quilt for a Toddler - this Big Blocks Quilt is just so precious in these Tilda Plum fabrics.  

Tilda Plum Garden is in stores now

Check out the other amazing designers showcasing their wonderful makes on the 
Tilda Plum Garden Showcase.

22 JuneMOLLY AND MAMA@mollyandmama
23 JuneA SPOONFUL OF SUGAR@aspoonfulsugar
24 JunePICCOLO STUDIO@piccolostudio_sarah
25 JuneLILABELLE LANE@lilabellelane
27 JuneAQUA PAISLEY@aqua_paisley
28 JuneJO MOLONY DOLLMAKER / ARTIST@deerdarlingdolls
29 JuneKASHZALE HANDMADE COSMETIC BAG@kashzalehandmadecosmeticbag
1 JulyOFFICIAL LAUNCH DAY  @tilda_australia
3 JulyELLIES HANDMADE@ellieshandmade_
4 JulyPRECIOUS LITTLE POPPETS@preciouslittlepoppets
5 JulyA SPOONFUL OF SUGAR  @aspoonfulsugar
6 JulyARABESQUE SCISSORS@arabesquescissors
7 JulyTIED WITH A RIBBON@tiedwitharibbon
8 JulyPATCHWORK AND ME@patchwork_and_me
12 JulyFIGNBERRY CREATIONS@fignberrycreations
13 JulyFRANCES LILLY DESIGNS@franceslillydesigns

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x 

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Big Blocks Quilt Pattern Release

Introducing my newest Quilt pattern - BIG BLOCKS!

After the release of Quilt Big, I even more realised the value you guys hold in blocks that come together very quickly to give you results fast.  I get it - our sewing time is precious so when you get the time to Quilt and sew you want to make it count and even more so when you need a project for a present pronto.

So I set about designing a block that would be big in size and fast on completing.  I also wanted it to have a small number of blocks to make in total, so playing with the sizing  became very important.  

Big Blocks is a great design to showcase your favourite fabrics.  You can use Fat Quarters or Bundles you have been hoarding in your stash.  This is also a great design to use up your scraps - so dive right in to your scrap bucket and make a dent.  You can change up the background from one Background colour to using up different fabrics for each block - really this pattern is so versatile.  Make is Rainbow order or choose a more limited colour palette - the sky is the limit and this will become a firm favourite when you need a go to quilt to make.

This version was made using up fabrics from my hoarded Carolyn Friedlander Stash.  I used three main colours - Teal, Orange and Mustards along with a different fabric for each background in each block.

This version was made using Tula Pink Solids and the Fairy Dust print from her Pinkerville Range for the Background.

This really is a fun and fast Quilt to make - the pattern includes 3 sizes - Baby, Lap and Queen sizes.  Also included is a Colouring Sheet so you can plan out your chosen fabrics and colours.

This pattern is also available to wholesale customers through Creative Abundance (who stock and distribute my patterns internationally)

If you are after paper copies then check out all the best Local Quilt Stores.

You should also definitely check out the hashtag - #bigblocksquilt to see some absolutely beautiful versions already made.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x 

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