Sunday, July 4, 2021

Confetti Quilt Sew Along - Week 2

What an amazing start we have gotten off to with the Confetti Quilt Sew Along - it is so exciting to see so many fabric pulls and cut out quilts block pieces showing up already.  I am seriously in love with lots of these that they make me want to make another one - or ten!  Have you checked out the #confettiquiltsewalong and #confettiquilt hashtags?


It's certainly not too late at all to join in the fun at all.


The Confetti Quilt pattern is available here


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You can get all the details for the Confetti Quilt Sew Along Week 1 here

I know how excited everyone is to have cut out your fabrics and are now ready to get started on sewing together all your blocks. This week we are aiming to sew together the first 4 rows of your Confetti Quilt.

Week 2 - Putting together blocks for Rows 1 -4

This week we are starting to make our blocks for Rows 1 - 4.  That means you are aiming to make 48 blocks.  The Confetti Quilt has been designed with beginner quilters in mind.  For this very specific purpose the blocks are constructed so that the points of the blocks do NOT align perfectly.  There will be a seam allowance space when the blocks are sewn together and this is so you can focus on enjoying sewing rather than any need or idea that it has to be about perfect points.  Trimming of the blocks allow for wriggle soon so that if your sewing is slightly off - trimming them to size will make all the difference and hide any imperfections.

Basically this is a quilt to be enjoyed, fuss free of any perfect points matching required.

I have taken some photos here below of how you will be moving through making the blocks.  These are additional support to the pattern instructions and illustrations.  

So you can see above how after sewing the seams together when you put the rows together that they points will not match - and that is meant to be the case.

Here is a pic of one of my finished quilts with the pic close up and then how you can't even notice the effect in the larger picture. Which I think is where some people get "stuck" or second guess themselves and the pattern on if the points have to match.


This week we have 3 prizes up for grabs from our Sponsors

A Confetti Quilt Quilt Fabric Kit thanks to @fabricstork that contains enough fabric to make a Confetti Quilt (or whatever you choose).  Colours were inspired by my Merryweather Blanket.

@greatheronthreadco have a Bag Making Kit.

From Doohickey Designs for one winner each week, $20 to store that they can purchase med binding babies, large binding babies, limited editions, or flower spindle.


So to be eligible for this weeks prizes - make sure to post your pics of your blocks or first four rows on Instagram to - #confettiquiltsewalong#confettiquilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns


NOTE - make sure you are using #confettiquiltsewalong (#confettiquiltalong is being used by another)


I hope you are enjoying making your Confetti Quilt.

Happy Quilting 

Jemima x 

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