Thursday, November 28, 2019

Rainbow Popsicle Quilt Pattern Release

Introducing my latest pattern release - the Rainbow Popsicle Quilt.  This design is so big, so bright and so bold that this quilt will become a firm favourite for those it is made for.

Inspired by all the best things of summer - the Rainbow Popsicle Quilt originally was featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting (Images courtesy of Love Patchwork and Quilting) but now is out for you to get your hands on.

The Pattern includes two sizes - the Lap size - 60.5in x 63.5in (154cm x 161cm) and a Mini Quilt at 14in x 15.5in (36cm x 40cm).  Also included is a Colouring Sheet so that you can design and see what colours you might like to use as well as Cutting Tags that come in very handy when you are cutting out your Quilt to keep all your pieces organized.

The Rainbow Popsicle Quilt will be loved by kids of all ages and not only can you use Solid fabrics but this works up a treat in your favourite Prints as well.

Peek-a-boo! Ice-Scream you!

Seriously fun and fast to make, you will have your very own sweet #rainbowpopsiclequilt whipped up in no time.

Don't you just love it when your nails match your Quilt - well okay - so I had them done like that on purpose and they are just the cutest. Cute pics were taken by @felicitystylesphotography and Nails by @acetone_addicts

I had some absolutely amazing Pattern Testers work on their own versions of the #rainbowpopsiclequilt.  I just love how one pattern can look so very different just with different choices of fabrics and colours.  Check out these spectacular versions below. You can check out even more at the #rainbowpopsiclequilt hash tag. A massive thank you to all my pattern testers.

I hope that you love making your own versions of the #rainbowpopsiclequilt as much as I enjoyed designing this fun treat for you all.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x 

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  1. What a great pattern! I really enjoyed seeing all the variations from your pattern testers.


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