Friday, November 22, 2019

Mini Master Pieces Book Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Mini Master Pieces Book Tour.  Written by Alyce Blyth of @blossonheartquilts for Lucky Spool this book has all the Blocks you will need to master in your Quilting.

Mini Masters Pieces by Alyce features 12 Blocks along with all the construction know how and then each of the Blocks has a great Mini Quilt or Project to make from your skills in that Block Technique.

The chapters each look at in depth a different Block technique with step by step instructions, photos and extra helpful tips along the way.

I was assigned the Half Rectangle Triangles (HRTs) Chapter and I have to admit to only having once before, many moons ago having made these blocks.  So it was the perfect Chapter for me to get to brush up on my skills in learning some more tips and technique to get these HRTs spot on.

And thanks to this Chapter I have learned that making Half Rectangles are not as tricky as I thought and I would be so much more confidant to tackle them in future projects.

Make sure you check this Book out and add it to your Quilting Library.

Happy Quilting
Jemima x x


  1. Oooh, I have been afraid to try making half rectangles. A now closed quilt shop has a vintage quilt made with them that I wanted to replicate. Will look for this book now!

    1. They are not as tricky as they seem - give them a go

  2. I, too, avoided this block, but am glad to know that there is a procedure to easily do them. Thanks to you both.

    1. Kathryn try them out this way - its easier to do this way.

  3. Lovely block! I need to perfect the HST!


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