Thursday, August 11, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Lots of work has been going on recently "Behind the scenes".  I have been designing some new items and of course the easy party is almost in designing them.  Then comes a list of things to do to get the items ready for Market.  I have been working with some fabulous women lately to help me achieve this and I truly believe that if you surround yourself with supportive and creative people the results speak ten fold.

This is the lovely Sheena from Sheena Cooke Photography.  She has been helping with the new cover shots for my new Felt Kits.  You will see in the picture what the new kit will be - Smiling Santas and these will be ready shortly.  Once they are ready to go I will reveal the cover shot which I am so pleased with.  

The gorgeous model in this next shot is Lisa Walsh.  She is the face behind many wonderful ventures - Cookie Dough, Cream Butter & Sugar and The Market Mill.  How one lady can be so talented in so many different areas seems just a little unfair (LOL!).

Cant wait to share all these finished projects with you soon.

I have had a new little obsession lately and it all started with this blog In Colour Order.  Putting colour together has always been a struggle of mine.  I draw quite a distinction between artistic and creative.  I don't think that the two are at all the same thing.  I find it hard to draw, paint or sculpt.   My mind does not work in an artistic way way at all - rather the ideas and concepts I have in my head take a long time to nurture and develop.  I have struggled with the concept of the Colour wheel and it has taken many years for me to be comfortable with how I put colours together - definitely not in an artistic way - just more in a Jemima way.

Well when I discovered Jeni's blog I was amazed at how beautifully she puts together colours and in reading it, I  always find inspiration in the colours she puts together.  Not only does she do this well but her Etsy Shop has also been a downfall of mine lately.

These Vintage sheets are destined to become an Applique quilt that I have spied in the book The Practical Guide to Patchwork.  Can't wait to start cutting them up and working with these.  Every time I look at the sheets it reminds me of my childhood. 

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