Thursday, September 9, 2010

A week to reflect

With the death of a close family member this week there has been alot of thinking and reflecting - about family and life.   So this week I have some snippets of things in the works for family and friends.

Because those recipients are likely to read this post I can only show little bits with little explanation!!!  (Not that helpful really I guess)

These are some Kaffe fabrics (plus a couple of others) which are being turned into a birthday present.  I must admit that my love of Kaffe fabrics has taken a long time.  I never really got how to put them together.  All the beautiful colours confused me as I can work with a few colours at a time but all the colours in these fabrics just used to send me round the bend.  Now I just love them and have been waiting to use them for this special project.

This is the start of a quilt for a new arrival - can't show you a bigger picture yet but I will keep up with the tease over the next couple of weeks.

My two girls went into my fabric stash several weeks ago and asked for some new tops for summer.  This is the result - they have perfectly picked fabrics that suit them and now we just need the weather to warm up for them to wear them.

Well I hope to see you on Sunday at the Upmarket and I will be back next week hopefully in a brighter place with a round up of the Market.

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