Monday, June 28, 2010

Wow what a day!

Wow what a day!  I was blown away by the amount of people at the Upmarket.   In the past I have been to buy and look myself and always known it was a sensational day out but being on the other side was a totally different experience.  Many people came and said hello who had said that they have read my blog and I didn't realise that there were other people out there other than my friends and family who have come across my little craft and sewing blog.  So a special hello to new friends and fellow blog readers. 
The day was busy with a constant flow of traffic.  Part of the success of the day has to go to Rae - my dear friend who had her own kids looked after to help me out.  Rae has been there from the start and has been encouraging me all the way.  Thank you Rae.  Along with many of my other friends and family who came along to support me bringing with them others as well.  Thank you all.
Besides getting ready for the upmarket there were orders to complete and new projects on the Horizon.  These Felt Santa's were finished in time to go to there new home.

This Custom Order Cushion was also collected at the Upmarket for a very special girl.
The school holidays start next week so I will have some more time with my own two girls with lots of activities already planned.  I will also be teaching some kids classes at Hot Possum. Check out their website for details or give them a call. We will be doing some hand sewing projects like this owl.

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