Sunday, March 26, 2023

Heatwave - it's getting HOT in here!

Nervousness, excitement, trepidation... Thankfully, release time is also SUPER busy, so I'm able to channel those emotions into the work that has to be done in the lead-up. 

Of course, as I'm releasing one project, I'm always working on something else behind the scenes, and it's been no different this time, but this week it's all about Heatwave

Heatwave is here (and it's SUPER HOT!) Designed for maximum impact, the Heatwave Quilt works well with a range of fabric choices - a combination of your favourite bold solids, the prints in a specific fabric collection, or fabric scrap magic (like my Anna Maria Horner version below). 

Three sizes are included in the pattern: Baby quilt - finished size 49½in x 52½in or 126cm x 134cm Throw quilt - finished size 69½in x 71½in or 177cm x 182cm Large Queen quilt - finished size 98½in x 104½in or 250cm x 265cm. 

There are clear set out instructions with illustrations and photos to help you with your machine piecing of this quilt. Suitable for beginner quilters or quilters of any level. This design is made using Equilateral Triangles. And there is even a Bonus Pillow pattern included for you to complete the set.

The Heatwave Quilt Pattern includes: 

  • Illustrations and photos
  • List of Fabric requirements
  • Cutting Instructions
  • Sewing Instructions
  • Pressing Tips
  • Layout and Assembly instructions
  • Binding instructions
  • EQ Template pages
  • BONUS Pillow Pattern
Whether you want to give Equilateral Triangles a go for the first time (don't worry, they're not as tricky as they seem!), or you've tried one of my other designs (End Game, Labyrinth or Love Triangle) you now have a new EQ design to add to your project list! 

To keep things really easy, you can buy the matching EQ templates in my store. They've had a bit of a glow-up with new packaging and are looking pretty schmick, as you can see! And don't forget the BONUS pillow pattern that's included! 

Check out all my tips for sewing with equilateral triangles in my blog post here.

“This design is modern, fun to piece, and comes together quickly with Jemima’s clear instructions and step-by- step diagrams. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to cut and piece the triangles that make up this pattern. It’s a thing of beauty, sewing friends!” Lauren @sewlosew

"This was my first time working with equilateral triangles in a quilt. The strong visuals and clear instructions in the pattern helped me to feel confident at each step of the process and made piecing triangles a breeze. I couldn't believe how quickly the quilt top came together once I got going!"    Danielle @the.reds.quiltco

The Heatwave Quilt pattern is out now.

Available as a PDF Pattern or Paper Pattern in my Store.

Wholesale customers can purchase through Creative Abundance or Checker Distributors.

Please tag me @tiedwitharibbon with your #heatwavequilt so that I can see the beautiful versions you make.

Happy Quilting 
Jemima x x

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Equilateral Triangles - My Best Tips and Tricks

I have a real love for designing Equilateral Triangle Quilt patterns – some of my popular designs such as my End Game Quilt and Love Triangle Quilt use these EQ Triangles as the basis for the design.  

I understand that these can often feel intimidating or just maybe a little bit tricky - cut I am here to share with you some of my best Tips and Tricks so that you can tackle Equilateral Triangle's with ease - and see that they really aren't that tricky.

You have seen all the Equilateral Triangles all over the Internet and Pinterest and wondered how do makers achieve all those perfect points? You have tried to put some Equilateral Triangles together but none of your points meet and it doesn’t come together how you imagined!


I have taught many Workshops on Tacking Equilateral Triangles, so I am here today to share with you some of my best tips for sewing with Equilateral Triangles to get perfect points every time.


My top tips for Perfect points.

1. Pressing 
Use a Starch Spray (I love Best Press) to help starch all your fabrics before you press them all.  This will help flatten your fabrics and make your fabric “feel” nice and firm to cut.  You will also notice how this helps the bias in the EQ Triangles stay as firm as possible for when it comes to sewing your Equilateral triangles. 

2. Cutting 
It’s best to make sure that you start on the right track. Before you begin to cut you will want to ensure your Templates are accurate.

Begin cutting our your project with a nice sharp blade in your Rotary cutter and take your time.  Accuracy in cutting will help at the next step of sewing.  Rushed cutting can snowball and turn into pieces that don’t align as you sew so your patience will be rewarded.

3. Not all Rulers are created Equal
Ruler – There are many rulers on the market and again this is important to test any ruler size you have against any paper Template provided. Always double check alongside the given paper template in the pattern (check the size scale – 1in square).  

Also, if your ruler is “Top Trimmed” - meaning it has flat points – cut these off when cutting out your pieces.  These will help you line up your seam allowance.

4. Sewing  
When it comes to sewing your EQ triangles together - match your points at the seam intersection (not along the raw edge of the fabrics). Place a pin where the seam meets at 1/4in to hold these points together. I like to put my pin through on a diagonal to hold down seam allowances from either side.

Sew the seam through where the points intersect. You may need to sew slightly scanter or wider at this point, so your stitch runs exactly through this point. 

With these helpful tips you will find it easy to tackle Equilateral Triangles.

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Happy Quilting

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