Sunday, September 4, 2022

Log Cabin Toss Quilt Along - Week 4

Week 4 of the Log Cabin Toss Quilt Along is here!

So this week is all about finishing your blocks as well as getting your Quilt Top ready for Quilting, and Binding and being able to then finish it up in week 5.  I have put together some tips and links below which I hope will help you with the decisions for this next part of the process with how you will finish it. By the end of this week your Quilt top will be all together.

Adding your Borders


Do you sew on your borders only to have them flared or wavy? Well, here are the steps to avoid this when sewing on borders to your quilt tops. 

You need to measure and cut the Borders to size. Don’t sew a border strip on and then cut to size (this is exactly the cause of it being wavy or flared)


Here’s how to measure and sew on borders for a spot on finish.

1. The border strip needs to be the accurate length. Not just a strip laid on top and then sewn and cut after.
2. With your tape measure, measure the quilt top left hand side and write down the exact measurement. Repeat for the right.
3. Take the average of the two measurements. 
4. Cut your border strips to this length.
5. Fold your first border strip in half and place a pin at halfway and each quarter. Do this for the quilt sides and border strips. 
6. Pin the border strip to the quilt top matching the pins.
7. Sew border strip. 
8. Repeat for the top and bottom.
9. Admire your square quilt top.



So this week’s task is to post a pic to Instagram using the hashtags #logcabintossqal#logcabintossquilt and #tiedwitharibbonpatterns of you sewing together all your blocks and adding your border so that you have a finished Quilt top.  Get creative, I have loved seeing the posts and reels you have been putting up so far.  It helps to tag me - @tiedwitharibbon to make sure I see your post and of course your Profile has to be set to Public for me to see it.  

Happy Quilting

Jemima x 

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